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GNSS Training Courses | Kalman, GPS-INS Integration



ALL our technical GPS/GNSS and GPS-aided inertial courses can be taught at your location.

We have trained thousands of technical professionals during the past 30 years in the U.S. and internationally.
See below for a partial list of the organizations who have benefitted from our training. 

Our courses can be customized to meet your needs. 

All courses are taught by world-class instructors who are often leaders in their respective fields.

Take a look at our complete course listing.

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Benefits of On-Site Training

Carolyn McDonald
Seminar Director
1-703-256-8900 or
ALL our GPS/GNSS courses can be taught at YOUR location. See our complete course list.
  • No travel expenses
  • Reduced overhead costs and overhead time
  • Train as a group with your team members
  • Train at a time and location convenient to you
  • Courses can be customized to address your needs
  • Reduced cost per seat as compared to public courses


Course 546-1501, April 2015, Springfield, VA
"My main objective was to familiarize myself with the basic concepts of inertial navigation and learn the challenges of integration of INS and GPS. The course has met them. I feel empowered by the material and the knowledge that the instructor transferred to us. Mr. Vaujin builds a solid foundation for a student to understand the Kalman filter algorithms in order for them to advance their knowledge on their own with confidence and competence."
—    Dmitri Baraban, The MITRE Corporation
Course 346-1403, December 2014, San Diego, California
"My main objective was to solidify the on the job training I’ve had thus far as a navigation engineer with my company. The instruction under course 346 met that main objective and exceeded it by expanding my knowledge of global positioning systems, DGPS, and Kalman filtering. For aviation and military applications, especially being a new engineer in the field, this class formed a base from which to learn more in-depth knowledge as well as to contribute to aircraft design improvement as GPS continues to evolve and advance. "
— Margaret Alfafara, Northrop Grumman

Course 546-1501, April 2015, Springfield, VA
"This course would be almost impossible to replicate at a university without taking several courses that would only comment on the subject. Having it all in one place over two days is well worth the money".
—    Ed May, i40 International, LLC

Course 346-1403, December 2014, San Diego, California
"Dr. Hegarty explained everything in a very easy to understand manner without dwelling on topics too long. His teaching style was very effective. His demeanor made it comfortable to ask several questions without feeling intimidated."
— Anthony Pham, Northrop Grumman

Course 546-1501, April 2015, Springfield, VA
"I liked the amount of content covered and I was impressed how knowledgeable Dr. Alan Pue was. I found the explanations of transfer alignment and multi-sensor integration to be very logical and clear. My understanding of these topics is vital to my contributions on a current project."
—    Robert McBride, Boeing

Course 346-1403, December 2014, San Diego, California
"For aviation and military applications, especially being a new engineer in the field, this class formed a base from which to learn more in-depth knowledge as well as to contribute to aircraft design improvement as GPS continues to evolve and advance."
— Margaret Alfafara, Northrop Grumman

Course 546-1501, April 2015, Springfield, VA
"Yes! [I would recommend this course.] This course will be helpful not only for the area of navigation, but also any area which needs filter theory." 
—    Jinsil Lee, Kaist

Course 346-1403, December 2014, San Diego, California
"I work in product support and wanted a more technical background on GPS. I wanted to learn more about interference and scintillation. This definitely met my objectives. I would recommend this to anyone looking to better understand GPS."
— Ryan Baumberger, Northrop Grumman

Course 546-1501, April 2015, Springfield, VA
"Mike Vaujin’s teaching style was effective and informative. This course has been very helpful to me for fulfilling my next project goals … highly recommended."
— Jeff Wilson, ST Microelectronics

Course 346-1402,  February 2014, NovAtel
"Really great, not a wasted word. He [Dr. Hegarty] really knows his stuff and answered all questions in great detail."
— Grismika Gupta, NovAtel

Course 546-1403, December 2014, San Diego, CA
"The two instructor approach worked well, since I got to see some material presented two different ways. The styles are complementary between Alan and Mike. Mike has a lot of passion for the subject, and he brings a lot of practical knowledge and tips. The MATLAB® scripts were very helpful."
— Ian Barton, John Deere

Course 346, February 2014
"There are many bright scientists and engineers, but very few are bright and gifted in teaching. Even fewer could explain each part of a very complex equation in simple layman’s term. Dr. Hegarty got my full attention. I would highly recommend this course to my peers if Dr. Hegarty is teaching it."
— Sigong Ho, NovAtel

Course 546-1403, December 2014, San Diego, CA
"This was a very good introduction to the different Kalman filter architectures available. While very fast paced, I feel I got a lot out of this class. Mike is a great instructor. Mike is very detail focused and [I] loved the fact that he provided MATLAB® examples for his lectures."
--Gilberto Sada, L-3 Com

Course 356, March 2012, San Diego, California
"[My objective was to] gain a better understanding of GPS operating principles with a focus on error sources and differential GPS. I thought [Dr. Hegarty’s] teaching style was excellent. He specifically tailored his approach to the small classroom environment with significant student interaction:  True teaching versus lecturing. [I would recommend this course to] system engineers requiring more than a black box knowledge of GPS."
  — Jim Sabin (Organization withheld upon request)

Course 546, November 2014, Rome
"The objective I [wanted to] reach with this course was a deep knowledge about GPS and INS integration through Kalman filtering. The objective has been met, and I also appreciated all the concrete examples treated, especially in the last two days. I would definitely recommend this course to any colleague dealing with GNSS/INS integration."
— Flavio Sbardellati, Northrop Grumman

Course 356, June 2012, Annapolis, Maryland
"[My main objective was a] more in-depth knowledge of GPS and associated systems. [Dr. Betz’ was] a fantastic teacher; speed of material covered was perfect. Signal structures and satellite geometries will be particularly useful. [The] class struck a perfect balance between the high-level coverage needed for anyone in the industry and the in-depth material needed for the more technically motivated in the industry."
  — Adam Reinelt

Course 551, March 2012, San Diego, California
"[My objective was] an understanding of new signals and how they will affect current and planned systems. Both [Dr. John Betz and Dr. James Sennott] are very knowledgeable and effective instructors. I always recommend NavtechGPS as the first source of GPS training." 
 — R. Walker

Course 356, March 2012, San Diego, California
"The instructors’ teaching and course layout were highly effective in that it was logical in flow, not creating confusion. My overall knowledge of GPS has grown ten-fold." 
   —  Dean Marta

Course 551, March 2012, San Diego, California
[My objective was] to become more familiar with state of the art in acquisition and tracking. Dr. Betz’s teaching style was great; encouraged questions and provided detailed answers. I appreciated the homework assignment to help us become more proficient. I also like learning new techniques that are not necessarily available in the literature.
  —  Military attendee, name withheld upon request


Course 541, September 2013, Nashville, Tennessee
"Dr. John Betz’ Course 541 on advanced GNSS signals and systems has  been very helpful, especially when implementing algorithms to support newer constellations.  I took this course in September 2013, and it was immediately useful upon my return to work. Also, the course notes have been a reference that I value highly and refer to frequently.”
— Premal Madhani, Broadcom



• AENA, Madrid, Spain
• ARINC, Phoenix, AZ
• ATK Weapons Division, Plymouth, MN
• AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ
• Boeing Defense & Space Gp., Seattle, WA
• Broadcom, Irvine, CA
• CAMP (Collision Avoidance Metrics Project),
   Farmington, Hills, MI
• Canadian Marconi Company, Montreal
• C.S. Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, MA
• Delco Systems Operations, Goleta, CA
• Dynamics Research Corp., Boston, MA
• EPA, Las Vegas, NV
• ESA-ESTEC, Nordwijk, The Netherlands
• European Patent Office, Munich, Germany
• FAA:
- FAA HQ, Washington, DC
- FAA, Oklahoma City, OK
- FAA, Ft. Worth, TX
• GM Onstar, Troy, MI
• GPS Ireland at the Cork Institute of Technology, Cork Ireland
• ISN Corporation, Bethesda MD
• Honeywell:
- Honeywell, Clearwater, FL
- Honeywell, Coon Rapids, MN
• Hughes:
- Hughes Aircraft & Electro Optical Sys,
                El Segundo, CA
- Hughes, Fullerton, CA
• IBM, Gaithersburg, MD
• Indra Espacio, Barcelona, Spain
• Industri Pesawat Terband, Jakarta, Indon.
• Israli Aircraft Industries (IAI), Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel
• JHU/Applied Physics Lab, Laurel, MD
• L-3, Lexington Park, MD
• Loral Fed Systems Corp, Gaithersburg, MD
• Loral Federal Systems, Owego, NY
• Lucent Technologies, Naperville, IL
• McDonnell- Douglas, St. Louis, MO
• McQ, Fredericksburg, Virginia


• Motorola:
- Motorola, Chandler, AZ
- Motorola, Harvard, IL
- Motorola, Phoenix, AZ
- Motorola, Sunrise, FL

- NASA Langley, Langley, VA
- NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
- NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL
- NASA Dryden at Edwards AFB, CA

• National Weather Service, Silver Spring, MD
• NavCom, Torrence, California
• New York DoT, Albany, NY
• NGS, St. Louis, MO

• Nokia:
- Nokia, Copenhagen, Denmark
- Nokia, Irving, TX
- Nokia, Oulu, Finland
- Nokia, Tampere, Finland

• Norden Systems/United Technologies, Norwalk, CT
• Northrop Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
• NovAtel, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
• Offshore Navigation, Inc, Harahan, LA
• Panama Canal Commission, Panama

• Raytheon:
- Raytheon, Boston, MA
- Raytheon, El Segundo, CA

Resource Management Concepts, Lex. Park, MD
• RIM, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
• Rockwell, Cedar Rapids, IA

Saab-Bofors, Linkoping, Sweden
• SiRF, Los Angeles, CA
• SnapTrack/Qualcomm, Campbell, CA
• Sparton Corporation, DeLeon Springs, FL
• Swales Aerospace, Laurel, MD
• Systems Network, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario

• Texas Instruments, Plano, TX

• United Defense, Minneapolis, MN

- Navigation Center, Alexandria, VA
- USCG C2 Cen, Portsmouth, VA

• US Air Force:
- Edwards Air Force Base
- Eglin Air Force Base
- Holloman Air Force Base, 47th Test Group
- Peterson Air Force Base
- Randolph AFB/General Dynamics
- Warner- Robins Air Force Base
- Wright- Patterson Air Force Base

• US Army:
- Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
- Fort Belvoir, VA
- Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
- White Sands Missile Range (OTD)

• US Navy:
- NAWCWPNS, China Lake, CA
- NAWCAD, Patuxent River, MD
- Naval Surface Weapons Center, Indian Head, MD
- Naval Air Systems Command, Pax River, MD
- Naval Avionics Center, Indianapolis, IN
- Naval Coastal Systems Station, Panama City, FL
- Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Activity
- Naval Pacifi c Missile Test Center, Pt. Mugu, CA
- Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC
- NRaD, Warminster, PA
- NRaD, San Diego, CA
- Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, VA
- Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, RI
- SPAWAR, San Diego, CA

• US DoT, Volpe TSC, Cambridge, MA
• US Forest Service, Salt Lake City, Utah



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