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Tallysman TW3870 Antenna
Tallysman TW3870 Antenna
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TW3870 GPS L1 and L2 / GLONASS G1 and G2 Antenna

Item# TW3870

The TW3870 by Tallysman Wireless is a high precision dual feed, dual band GPS and GLONASS antenna, especially designed for precision dual frequency positioning. View Full Description

Category: L1L2 GPS
Manufacturer: Tallysman Wireless
Tallysman Wireless


Tallysman TW3870 Dual Band Antenna

The TW3870 by Tallysman Wireless is a high precision dual feed, dual band GPS (L1 and L2) and GLONASS (G1 & G2) antenna, especially designed for precision dual-frequency positioning.
The TW3870 features a precision tuned, circular dual feed, stacked patch element. The signals from the two orthogonal feeds are combined in a hybrid combiner, amplified in a wide-band LNA, then band-split for narrow filtering in each band and further amplified prior to recombination at the output. The TW3870 offers excellent axial ratio and a tightly grouped phase center. The TW3870 covers GPS L2 (1227.6MHz), GLONASS G2 (1248MHz center), GPS L1 / WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS (1575.42MHz) and GLONASS G1 (1602MHz, center).
The TW3870 is housed in a through-hole mount, weatherproof enclosure for permanent installations. L-bracket or pipe mount (part numbers 23-0040-0, 23-0065-0, respectively) are available for non-rooftop installation. A 100mm ground plane is recommended for non-roof-top installations.
This product is also available in an OEM format (TW3875).
Applications for this product include
  • Precision GPS position
  • Dual Frequency RTK receivers
  • Mission Critical GPS Timing
  • Military & Security
  • Very low Noise Preamp, < 2dB
  • Axial ratio: <2dB typ.
  • Tight Phase Center Variation
  • LNA Gain 35 dB typ.
  • Low current: 25 mA typ.
  • ESD circuit protection: 15 KV
  • Invariant performance from: 2.5 to 16VDC
  • Ideal for L1/L2 RTK surveying systems
  • Great multipath rejection
  • Increased system accuracy
  • Great signal to noise ratio
  • IP67 and RoHS compliant