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TW4721 image
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Item# TW4721/TW4722

The TW4721 is a compact, wideband GNSS antenna from Tallysman that provides accurate reception for all upper L- band GNSS signals and associated augmentation signals. View Full Description

Category: GNSS
Manufacturer: Tallysman Wireless
Tallysman Wireless


Tallysman TW4721/TW4722 Wideband GNSS Antenna

TW4721/TW4722  is a Wideband Dual Feed GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo Antenna

The Tallysman TW4721/Tw4721 is a compact, wideband GNSS antenna that provides accurate reception for all upper L- band GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo signals (L1, G1, B1, B1 BOC, B12, E1) and associated augmentation signals (WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS SBAS). It offers circular response over its entire bandwidth, thereby producing superior multipath signal rejection resulting in higher accuracy of position and time. This antenna employs Tallysman’s patented Accutenna® technology.

The TW4722 is pre-filtered, the TW4721 is not. Please contact us for specifics. 


  • Accutenna® Technology
  • High rejection SAW filter
  • Low noise LNA: 1dB
  • Temperature compensating LNAs


  • Superior multipath signal rejection
  • Great out-of-band signal rejection
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio
  • Consistent response in all operating
  • temperatures


  • Cost Sensitive Mission Critical Positioning
  • UAV / UAS
  • Covert surveillance
  • Fleet Management & Asset Tracking

The TW4721/Tw4722 is housed in a compact, magnetic or adhesive mount IP67 compliant housing. The antenna can be ordered without the magnet. In such cases, the magnet is replaced with a plastic plug to provide a smooth under surface. A double sided tape can then be used to mount the antenna.

It is RoHS and REACH compliant.

TW4000 Family of Products 

ALL of the connector options with cables (max length 5m) are shown below. Please contact us with questions

This antenna comes with a magnet by default. If you need an antenna with NO MAGNET, please contact us.

00 = SMA straight male (plug) 
01 = TNC female
02 = MCX straight male (plug) 
03 = MMCX straight male (plug) 
04 = SMB straight male (plug)
05 = MCX right angle male (plug) 
06 = MMCX right angle male (plug) 
10 = SMA Right Angle ** 
11 = Reverse polarity SMA**

12 = Waterproof SMA**
13 = SSMA **
15 = TNC male (plug) 
16 = N-Type Male** 
17 = BNC Male
18 = FME** 
19 = MMCX Female
20 = SMA Female
22 = R/A QMA**

23 = SMP**
24 = SMC Male
25 = SMC Straight Female 
26 = SMB Straight Female
27 = MCX Female Straight
28 = SSMCX Straight Plug**
29 = R/A SSMCX Plug **
30 = SMB with Overmold**
33 = MMCX straight male ** 
34x = FAKRA (replace “x” with colour code)**








Custom Cable Lengths: 0m-5m
Cable length tolerances: <1m: ±3.0mm, 1-4.9m: ±30mm, >5m: ±50mm

** Premiums apply. Please contact NavtechGPS for information and pricing.

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