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ASTRA was built on decades of experience in fundamental space physics research. Its world-class modeling capabilities are used to design, develop, build and deploy novel ground-based and space-based systems.  The company continually strives to advance its research and operational capabilities to better understand space weather, to assess its impacts and to offer advice on the global implications for space situational awareness.

ASTRA has commercially available GPS space weather monitoring systems that provide real-time measurements of ionospheric TEC and scintillation. ASTRA’s proprietary tracking algorithms provide superior stability and robustness during high scintillation periods. In competitive studies, ASTRA's instruments have proved to be more effective at maintaining satellite lock through severe scintillation – when data needs are most critical to vital systems — thus providing a more complete data set for analysis, prediction and modeling.

NavtechGPS has partnered with ASTRA (Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates) to offer its customers advanced GPS based space-weather monitoring, providing real-time accurate and robust measurements of ionospheric TEC and scintillation.

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