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Chronos Technology

NavtechGPS has partnered with Chronos Technology to market the Chronos Technology GPS jammer detectors in the United States.
"These devices are compact, lightweight, easy to use, and sensitive. They can detect very low-power jammers that are commercially available," says NavtechGPS CTO and Vice President Franck Boynton. "The technology can be used to find both intentional and unintentional GPS signal jamming. There are those who deliberately use jammers for criminal or terrorist activities, which can render your GPS signal useless. The CTL3520 could be especially useful to agencies like Homeland Security and others interested in protecting critical GPS signals."
Chronos Technology has developed a series of low-cost, battery-operated handheld GPS jamming and interference detectors that recognize the presence of too much power in the GPS L1 band. The Chronos Technology line-up started with the CTL3500The CTL3510 takes the technology to the next step by increasing signal sensitivity and adding an event logging option. 
The CTL3520, has directional capabilities that can pinpoint even weak jammers and identify where they are hidden. For example, the CTL3520 could be used to locate the specific vehicle in which a jammer may be hidden —  even in a crowded parking garage. 

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