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Forsberg Services Ltd.

NavtechGPS is pleased to partner with Forsberg to handle the North America sales and distribution of the now Forsberg StarLink RF line of GNSS / GPS down-up converters, signal splitters and in-line amplifiers, as well as the Forsberg (formerly Raven StarLink  DGPS product line) Link System of transmitters and receivers.

The Forsberg StarLink GPS signal splitters and fiber-optic solutions resolve the difficulties associated with signal losses due to extended antenna cable lines of practically any length.

Download the Forsberg StarLink product brochure.

Over the years, Forsberg Services Ltd., has been involved in many exciting projects from helping to design and manufacture military GPS receivers to achieving high speed precision animation for television broadcasting. Forsberg has been a successful consulting business since 1997 and has considerable engineering experience in navigation.

Forsberg StarLink Product Overview

Forsberg has offices in the UK and Germany and is certified to ISO9001:2008.


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