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FreeWave Technologies manufacturers a line of highly reliable licensed and license-free spread-spectrum radios to securely transmit mission-critical data. Its radios are known for superior sensitivity and low-power consumption. The FGR2 series represents the next generation of the new spread spectrum radio modems from FreeWave, allowing users to incorporate wireless communications into a wide variety of applications. For more than 20 years, Freewave has provided long range, reliable and rugged wireless data links for energy, manufacturing, agriculture, utilities, and other applications to universities and the military. It has millions of units in the field. Contact us for more information.

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FGR2 Plus

FGR2 Plus Series

Item # FGR2 Plus series

FreeWave FGR2 Series

FGR2 Series

Item # FGR2

FGR2 C Series

FGR2-C Series

Item # FGR2-C Series

FreeWavw FGR3 Series Radios

FGR3 Series Radios

Item # FGR3

FreeWave MM2 Series

MM2 Series

Item # MM2 Series

FreeWave MM2-M13 Series

MM2-M13 Series

Item # MM2-M13 Series

FreeWave MM2-MU Series

MM2-MU Series

Item # MM2-MU Series

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