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For more than a decade, Geodetics has been developing real-time, high-precision positioning and navigation hardware and software solutions for military and civilian applications. Their systems have been used in a wide range of commercial and military applications around the world, and include inertial navigation systems (GPS/IMU), post-processing software, reference networks and wireless data links.
Specific applications include dismounted soldier tracking for test, evaluation and training exercises for the U.S. Army; high-accuracy inertial navigation for unmanned aerial vehicles and high-dynamic aircraft, and relative navigation for aerial refueling and autonomous landing systems. Geodetics embeds OEM receivers from most GNSS manufacturers. This enables the user to continue using the same types of receivers currently in use.
NavtechGPS is proud to be a reseller of these high-quality products. Contact us about how you can incorporate Geodetics' products into your next project.

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