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NavCom Technologies

NavCom Technology, Inc., a John Deere Company, is a leading provider of advanced GNSS products, including high performance RTK systems, global five-centimeter level GPS satellite corrections, geodetic quality GNSS receivers, and wireless communication products.

NavtechGPS offers NavCom’s complete line of multi-frequency GNSS and wireless communications products, such as the Sapphire OEM board, the SF-3050 Integrated StarFire / RTK GNSS receivers, and the SF-3040 Pole-Mount GNSS StarFire / RTK receivers, along with StarFire Network, a widely available global satellite-based augmentation system (GSBAS). Applications for Navcom products span land survey, aerial survey, machine control, military, offshore and marine survey, including unmanned military application needs.

As a precise positioning and navigation solutions provider, NavtechGPS can supply the expertise you need to integrate the right NavCom products into your application.

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NavCom?ANT-301A GNSS

ANT-3001A GNSS Aerial Antenna

Item # ANT-3001A

NavCom?ANT-3001BR Choke Ring

ANT-3001BR Geodetic Choke Ring Antenna

Item # ANT-3001BR

NavCom?ANT-3001R GNSS

ANT-3001R GNSS Rover Antenna

Item # ANT-3001R

NavCom?ANT-3001 Series

NavCom ANT-3001 Series Antennas

Item # ANT-3001

NavCom?SF-3050 GNSS Receiver

NavCom SF-3050 StarFire/RTK GNSS Receiver

Item # SF-3050

NavCom Starfire Service

NavCom StarFire Subscription Service

Item # StarFire

NavCom?Integrated StarFire Board

Onyx Integrated StarFire Board

Item # Onyx

NavCom?SF-5050 GNSS Receiver

SF-5050 StarFire GNSS Receiver

Item # SF-5050

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