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OxTS (Oxford Technical Solutions)

OxTS (Oxford Technical Solutions) focuses on INS using MEMS gyros and precision accelerometers without magnetometers. OxTS’ Kalman filter extracts the maximum information from GPS, delivering high accuracy measurements and low drift rates. And, ALL OxTS systems include powerful post-processing software at no charge!  All products contain a six-axis inertial measurement unit and either incorporate a GNSS receiver or are compatible with many external GNSS receivers on the market.

The xNAV650 INS is an ideal geo-referencing solution for UAV platforms and the Survey series can provide robust data for mobile mapping vehicles in harsh GNSS environments. The OxTS xNAV650 INS tactical grade receiver offers exceptional precision and reliability in a very small form factor. This tactical grade INS is especially suited to SWaP limited applications, such as UAVs and UAV-based mapping.

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LiDAR Pointcloud with OxTS Boresite

Boresight Software

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Georeferencer LiDAR imaging

Georeferencer Software

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OxTS Survey+

Survey+ Receiver

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xNAV650 IMU Receiver

xNAV650 INS Receiver

Item # xNAV650

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