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NovAtel Correct with RTK Chart
NovAtel Correct with RTK Chart
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  • NovAtel Correct with RTK Chart

NovAtel CORRECT™ with RTK


CORRECT™ with RTK offers high precision RTK firmware to provide centimeter-level positioning. View Full Description

Category: All Equipment
Manufacturer: NovAtel



NovAtel CORRECT™ with RTK offers high precision real time kinematics (RTK) positioning firmware to provide centimetre level positioning. NovAtel's dual-frequency RT-2® option enhances the survey grade performance of our OEM6® GNSS receiver families.
With more reliable ambiguity solutions and faster convergence across all baselines, NovAtel CORRECT with RTK delivers significant improvements in performance across many applications, including challenging environments such as urban canyons or under heavy foliage.
  • Rapid Time to Narrow Lane (TTNL) at variable baseline lengths
  • RT-2: Ambiguity fixing out to 40 km
  • RT-2: 1 cm 1 ppm accuracy
  • GPS, GLONASS and Beidou modes
  • High fix availability and reliability to maximize productivity
  • Configurable reliability levels for variable environments
  • GLONASS and Beidou options provide more satellite availability
  • Robust, reliable and rapid positioning solution
  • RT-2 is customized for our OEM6 hardware, delivering fast initialization times and position accuracy over a variable range of usable baseline lengths. An independent quality check indicates whether a fixed position solution was verified, ensuring a higher level of robustness and a more reliable position solution.
NovAtel CORRECT™ is a true OEM option for GNSS corrections. It is designed to optimally handle multiple GNSS satellite constellations, corrections from a variety of sources and deliver the best positioning solution possible. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, L–Band or NTRIP – NovAtel CORRECT manages it all.
Providing a single source of GNSS hardware, correction services and support, NovAtel CORRECT simplifies the process of acquiring the best possible position. NovAtel CORRECT RTK and PPP solutions are designed to work optimally together to deliver decimetre or better positioning. Most importantly, CORRECT exemplifies NovAtel’s OEM partnership model by offering system integrators and dealers flexible, scalable and competitive positioning technology with great opportunity for future innovation.
Click here for FAQs. NovAtel CORRECT partnered with TERRASTAR to replace OmniStar. Click here for FAQs.
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