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GPS for Land Surveyors
GPS for Land Surveyors
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GPS for Land Surveyors, 3rd Edition

Author: Jan Van Sickle
Item# 1007

This edition adds GNSS systems to GPS. A working guidebook by and for surveyors, mappers, planners, managers, GIS practitioners, students and more! 335 pages, hard cover. View Full Description

Category: Surveying
Publisher: Taylor Francis
Manufacturer Number: 978-0-8493-9195-8


GPS for Land Surveyors

Jan Van Sickle

Since the last edition of this international bestseller, GPS has grown to become part of a larger international context, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Both GPS and GNSS technologies are becoming ever more important in the everyday practice of survey and mappers. With GPS for Land Surveyors, Third Edition, a book written by a land surveyor, for land surveyors, you can stay in the know on the latest GPS techniques, technologies, codes, and signals.
What’s New to the Third Edition?

  • Sections on Real-Time Network Services, Block IIF, and control segment modernization
  • GPS code, such as the M-code, L1C, and L2C
  • An entire chapter dedicated to GNSS
  • Discussion of the Russian GLONASS system, the Chinese Beidou system, and the Japanese QZSS

From fundamental theory to practical application and advanced technologies, the book covers GPS without pages of complicated math. It demonstrates the basics of GPS technology, common hardware, surveying methods, survey design, planning, and observation. Additionally, each chapter includes helpful review questions and answers. GPS and GNSS are revolutionizing the practice of surveying and mapping. This user-friendly manual gives you the tools needed to understand and use these important technologies in everyday practice.

Publisher: CRC Press
Copyright: 2008