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Physical Geodesy
Physical Geodesy
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Physical Geodesy

Author: Hofmann-Wellenhof, Helmut Moritz
Item# 1480

A new book patterned after the 1967 original of the same title by Moritz and Heiskanen. This book adds GPS/GNSS measurement and technology to the classic explanations of the earth's shape and its gravity field. Modern gravitational measurement and analysi View Full Description

Category: Geodesy
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Manufacturer Number: 3-211-23584-1
Price: $80.00

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Physical Geodesy

Bernhard Hofmann-Wellenhof and Helmut Moritz

"Physical Geodesy" by Heiskanen and Moritz, published in 1967, was considered the standard introduction to its field for a long time. The enormous progress since then, however, led to the idea of reworking the material. While the basic body was retained in its original form whenever possible, several parts required a thorough updating and supplementing. This concerned, above all, the adaptation to the fact that the geometry can now be determined precisely by methods such as GPS and that new satellite gravity missions, combined with terrestrial methods, enable a detailed determination of the earth's gravitational field. Also new is an introduction to least-squares collocation. The treatment of Molodensky's theory has been completely updated. 

Publisher: Springer
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 403
ISBN-10: 3211335447
ISBN-13: 978-3211335444
List Price: $80.00