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Introduction to Spread Spectrum Communications
Introduction to Spread Spectrum Communications
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Introduction to Spread Spectrum Communications (Hardcover)

Item# 2430

A comprehensive introduction to spread spectrum communication systems theory and concepts. Includes chapters on binary shift-registers, code tracking loops, receiver synchronization, performance under jamming, forward error correction, fading channels, code-division multiple-access, low-probability-of-intercept methods, and phase-locked theory. 695 pages, hardcover. View Full Description

Category: Communications
Manufacturer Number: 0-02-431623-7; 978-0024316233


Introduction to Spread Spectrum Communications (Hardcover)

Roger Peterson

Recent technological advances -- most notably cellular mobile systems -- have thrust spread-spectrum system methodology into the spotlight. To help readers keep pace, this timely volume offers a comprehensive introduction to spread-spectrum communication systems. After a prologue that sets the stage, a review chapter on common digital communication methods is presented.
Building on that foundation, Introduction to Spread Spectrum Communications
  •  Introduces the concept pf spread-spectrum modulation and the reasons for its use and provides a comprehensive introduction to the generation of pseudonoise (PN) sequences.
  • Examinies the subject of code tracking and acquisition, focusing on delay-locked-loop and tau-dither tracking, and trackles initial synchronization of the spreading waveform.
  • Considers the performance of spread-spectrum systems in a jamming environment and the use of forward error correction to mitigate the effects of jamming.
  • Includes material on fading channels necessary for considering the performance of code-division multiple access (CDMA) systems used for cellular land-mobile communications and addresses the application of spread spectrum to CDMA in digital cellular systems.
  • Concludes by considering methods of uncooperatively detecting spread-spectrum signals and extracting their parameters.

Publisher: Artech House Publishers
Copyright: 2006
Pages: 302
ISBN-10: 158053533X
ISBN-13: 978-1580535335