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Trimble AV34 GNSS Antenna

Item# AV34

The Trimble AV34 GNSS antenna offers support for both GPS and GLONASS L1/L2 signals. These are the optimum set of signals for your high accuracy RTK receiver. Dual frequency allows for faster initialization and dual constellation improves the number of satellites available for positioning, especially in obstructed environments. View Full Description

Category: GNSS
Manufacturer: Trimble Navigation
Manufacturer Number: 86362
Trimble Navigation


AV34 GNSS Antenna

The Trimble AV34 GNSS Antenna been designed to support high accuracy aerial, land and marine applications in one compact design. The rugged 4 hole bulkhead mounting allows the antenna to be used in the most rugged of environments. The antenna resists unwanted signal interference or multipath, which can cause inaccurate measurements. Multipath is caused by signals being reflected from surfaces such as the ground, surrounding trees, or buildings.