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Antcom 3B-LS-C-Ku-BANDVV-XTTT-2 Antenna
Antcom 3B-LS-C-Ku-BANDVV-XTTT-2 Antenna
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3B-L-S-C-Ku-BANDVV-XTTTT-2, 3” Tall Blade Configuration


Antcom 3B-L-S-C-Ku-BANDVV-XTTTT-2, 3” Tall Blade Configuration Video / Data Link Antenna with 4 ports. View Full Description

Category: All Equipment
Manufacturer: Antcom
Manufacturer Number: 3B-L-S-C-Ku-BANDVV-XTTT-2


Antcom Video/Data Link Antennas 3B-L-S-C-Ku-BANDVV-XTTTT-2

Antcom produces a broad range of single band and multi-band antennas for Voice/Video/Data Link applications in the L, S, C, X and Ku bands for various critical ground, marine, aerospace communication and navigation communication applications, including high temperature, Telemetry, Voice/Video/Data Link, IEEE ZigBee, TDRSS, 802.11 WiFi applications and more.

This video / datal link antenna is a 3-inch tall blade configuration with 4 ports. It is an FAA approved TSO antenna. 

See the data sheet for further specification and product details.