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NavCom SF-3040 StarFire/RTK GNSS Receiver

Item# SF-3040

NavCom's SF-3040 pole-mount StarFire/RTK GNSS Survey Receiver provides RTK-level accuracy up to 40 km away from the base station or decimeter-level position accuracy, anywhere in the world, anytime. View Full Description

Category: Smart Antennas
Manufacturer: NavCom Technologies
Manufacturer Number: SF-3040
NavCom Technologies


NavCom SF-3040 StarFire™ RTK GNSS Receiver

Ultra  RTK™. The SF-3040 supports Ultra RTK™, which allows RTK accuracy (0.5cm 1ppm) at up to 40km from the base station. Combined with NavCom's industry-exclusive RTK Extend™, users can work farther away from base stations and maintain RTK-level accuracy even during radio outages for up to 15 minutes.

StarFire Capable. The SF-3040 is StarFire capable, giving users access to the first Global Satellite Based Augmentation System (GSBAS) capable of real-time decimeter accuracy. Performance is no longer a function of your distance from a reference station, so you have the freedom to use StarFire anywhere in the world.

66 Channel Tracking. Powered by the Sapphire™ Engine, the SF-3040 provides 66 channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass and SBAS. It also provides patented superior signal sensitivity in shaded environments. Designed for all day use in surveying environments, it includes several I/O options, a compartment for an Optional 1 Watt internal UHF radio, removable SD card and hot-swappable batteries.

97-310041-3123 - GPS L1/L2, GLONASS G1/(G2 or L5) Navigation (5Hz Standard)
97-310041-3121 - Enable StarFire Receiver
97-310041-3141 - RTK including Network RTK
97-310041-3142 - RTK Extend
97-310041-3181 - Fast Update Rate- Position and Raw Data 10Hz max
92-310441-3001LF - SF-3040 RTK GNSS Pole-mount Receiver System