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M-KF Tool Software for L3Nav
M-KF Tool Software for L3Nav
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M-KF Toolbox Software for MATLAB® from L3NAV, Version 3

Item# 3253

M-KF Toolbox is a library of MATLAB® m-file modules and main programs used for the implementation of discrete Kalman filtering applications. View Full Description

Category: Toolboxes
Manufacturer: L3NAV
Manufacturer Number: 3253
Price: $499.00

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M-KF Toolbox for MATLAB®

Version 3 of the M-KF Toolbox from L3Nav is a library of MATLAB® m-file modules and main programs used for the implementation of discrete Kalman filtering applications. M-KFTOOL enables you to simulate a specific discrete Kalman filtering application quickly and easily without the need to code and test the basic Kalman filtering algorithms. 
All m-files are compatible with MATLAB® version 5.0 and higher, and most of them are also compatible with previous versions and Student Edition of MATLAB®.
A complete (more than 150-pages) user's guide and reference manual contains detailed documentation for each module/program included in the library. To facilitate the search for a specific function, module/program or input/output file, the manual contains a complete reference table by function as well as lists of all modules, programs, input/output files in alphabetical order.
There are numerous fully explained examples (in excess of 40 pages) with input and output data, and generated plots; also a special section with discrete Kalman filtering applications is included. Overall, there are about 100 m-files (modules and main programs), and more than 50 input and output data files. A tutorial for UD implementation of discrete Kalman filtering algorithms is included.
The major building functions of the M-KF Toolbox are divided in the following categories:
  • Matrix storage and allocation 
  • Specialized matrix operation 
  • Specialized statistics functions and utilities 
  • Specialized plotting programs 
  • General purpose and conventional Kalman filtering functions 
  • Specialized U-D Kalman filtering functions 
  • Application dependent modules 
  • GPS application modules 
The MATLAB® source code is royalty free, i.e. the user can use this software in his/her particular application but is not permitted to resell the software as is or with changes. Please carefully read the software license agreement before using the software.