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Monday, December 03, 2012 - Wednesday, December 05, 2012

336 GPS Fundamentals, Enhancements and Intro to Differential GPS
All Day Event

This is a 3-day course that presents an overview of how the GPS systems works, its historical evolution, its many applications, and its policy and operational considerations. It provides the fundamentals of GPS principles and technologies including clocks and timing, orbits and constellations, and satellites and control segment functions as well as an introduction to differential GPS. It combines Course 122 and Course 217 into one course to give you a comprehensive introduction to GPS technology and an introduction to differential GPS. (Note: This course is the same as the first 3 days of Course 356.)
  • To give a comprehensive introduction to GPS and DGPS technology, system concepts, design, operation, implementation and applications.
  • To provide detailed information on the GPS signal, its processing by the receiver, and the techniques by which GPS obtains position, velocity and time.
  • To provide and introduction to differential GPS
Some familiarity with engineering terms is helpful but not essential.
Who Should Attend?
Engineers and technical professionals seeking conceptual and detailed explanations of GPS technology, operation, capabilities, applications, and development trends
Professionals in navigation, positioning, and related fields who are concerned with the capabilities, operation and principles of GPS, DGPS, and related GNSS systems.
System analysts and specialists concerned with position data and its use.
Managers concerned with GPS, GNSS activities, or the positioning field.

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