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Georeferencer Software

OxTS Georeferencer is OxTS’ internally developed LiDAR georeferencing software tool. It can be used alongside any OxTS inertial navigation system (INS) and a wide range of LiDAR sensors to help users quickly and easily create highly accurate 3D point clouds.

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OxTS Georeferencer Software

OxTS’ Georeferencer is a software tool developed by OxTS to combine INS navigation data with raw LiDAR data. It can be used alongside any OxTS INS to create a georeferenced 3D point cloud.

OxTS Georeferencer takes a file collected with a LiDAR scanner (synchronized in real-time with an OxTS inertial navigation system), a processed navigation trajectory file from the OxTS INS, and some required configuration files, to create a LAS point cloud file that can be viewed in many third party LiDAR software packages. The software takes the inertial measurement data (.NCOM) and combines it with raw LiDAR data (.PCAP). The resultant .LAS file can then be viewed and analyzed in many pointcloud viewer software applications. The software natively includes a number of features to help LiDAR surveyors intuitively create the point cloud most ideal for their application.

Georeferencer Process Flow

OxTS Georeferencer’s main function is to synchronize and fuse the OxTS INS and LiDAR data sets. LiDAR sensors can sense range to a target, but have no internal knowledge of when or where they are, or where they have moved to since the last scan occurred. This is where the INS adds essential information:

  • Nanosecond accurate time (Survey grade GNSS receivers)
  • RTK/PPK accurate position (Survey grade GNSS receivers and tightly-coupled navigation engine)
  • Accurate heading, pitch, and roll (Survey grade IMU sensors)

Thanks to live accuracies being reported as well, the data can be intelligently filtered based on estimated position/orientation accuracy of the INS, allowing you to perform less clean-up of the data in post-processing.

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Documents & Specs

OxTS Georeferencer Info Sheet

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