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AsteRx3 OEM
AsteRx3 OEM
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Septentrio AsteRx3 OEM Receiver

Item# AsteRx3 OEM

The AsteRx3 OEM and AsteRx3 HDC are no longer available for sale. The AsteRx3 OEM has been replaced by the AsteRx-4 OEM and the AsteRx3 HDC has been replaced by the AsteRx-U. 
The AsteRx3 is a multi-frequency GPS / GLONASS / Galileo receiver for demanding industrial applications, which includes Advanced Interference Mitigation (AIM+) technology from Septentrio. View Full Description

Category: OEM
Manufacturer: Septentrio


AsteRx3 OEM with AIM (Advanced Interference Mitigation Technology)

The AsteRx3 OEM and AsteRx3 HDC are no longer available for sale. The AsteRx3 OEM has been replaced by the AsteRx-4 OEM and the AsteRx3 HDC has been replaced by the AsteRx-U. Septentrio will continue to support and repair the AsteRx3 OEM until 30 June 2019 and the AsteRx3 HDC until 31 December 2019. Please contact us for more information.
Designed for demanding industrial applications, the AsteRx3 is a multi-frequency GPS / GLONASS / Galileo receiver. It features simultaneous high-quality GPS, GLONASS and Galileo tracking with a number of innovative features, such as the patented Galileo AltBOC tracking, the advanced multipath mitigation algorithm APME, LOCK tracking for exceptional tracking stability under high vibration conditions, RTK for extended RTK baselines and faster initialization, and AIM , Septentrio’s Advanced Interference Mitigation technology, offering cm-level measurement quality for high precision positioning, even in challenging environments.
AIM (Advanced Interference Mitigation) is a method exclusive to the Septentrio line of GNSS receivers. If there are certain types of GNSS interference, intentional or unintentional, AIM is able to notch out the section of the band being interfered with and continue to use the rest of the usable spectrum. By doing this, Septentrio’s GNSS receivers are able to mitigate or reject that section of the interfering signal and continue positioning. If you are concerned about intentional or unintentional interference with GPS signals, you will want to look into these receivers. Contact us for more information. 
Main features:
  • AIM (Advanced Interference Mitigation Technoloy from Septentrio)
  • 136 hardware channels
  • Up to 100 Hz data output rate
  • Multi-frequency GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO L1/L2/L5/E5a/E5b/E5 AltBOC code/carrier tracking
  • COMPASS-ready
  • A Posteriori Multipath Estimator technique (APME)
  • Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)
  • Compact OEM board and housed solutions
  • Includes intuitive GUI (RxControl) and detailed operating and installation manual
 This OEM board can be found inside of the AsteRx3 HDC. See the related product page for details.
AsteRx3 OEM_L1G   400048B1052  Single Frequency version of AsteRx3 OEM, in GPS-GLO only configuration, upgradable to dual- and multi-frequency
AsteRx3 OEM_GG    400048B1053   Dual frequency GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO receiver, in GPS-GLO only configuration, upgradable to multi-frequency
AsteRx3 OEM            400048B1054    Multi frequency GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO receiver, in GPS-GLO-GAL configuration
Ax3_RTK       P2002     RTK + Moving Base option (RTK base/rover) (incl. DGPS)
Ax3_BASE    P2012     Outputs RTK Base corrections
Ax3_Event   P2022      Event Marker option (2 marker inputs)
Ax3_LOG      P2032     Data logging activation (also on OEM board, for external SD card)
Ax3_ETH      P2042      Ethernet option (incl. CBL*_HDC_ETH_MX in housed version)
Ax3_CMP    P2252      Compass Tracking and Measurement generation (future changes in the COMPASS signal specifications might require a firmware update)
Ax3_HD        P2112      100 Hz datarate option : raw measurements, Stand Alone PVT, SBAS and DGPS. (GPS only)