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NavtechGPS to Distribute Forsberg StarLink GNSS Product Line in U.S. and Canada

June 18, 2015 05:31 PM
Forsberg StarLink Product to be Carried by NavtechGPS in US and Canada

Forsberg Services Ltd. Aquired Raven StarLink GNSS Product Line in April 2015.

SPRINGFIELD, VA   JUNE 2015. In April, Forsberg Services Ltd. announced that it acquired the StarLink product line from Raven Industries. This month, Forsberg announced its decision to partner with NavtechGPS to distribute the StarLink line, which includes in-line amplifiers, coaxial down/up converters, splitters and fiber-optic link systems. This product line enables extended cable runs for GNSS in navigation and time synchronization applications, such as distributed antenna systems and RF networks. Just as Forsberg had worked closely with Raven as its European distributor, NavtechGPS had been supporting the Raven product line in the U.S., making NavtechGPS uniquely positioned to provide uninterrupted quality support to existing and new U.S. and Canadian customers. 

NavtechGPS looks forward to offering its nearly 30 years of experience in GNSS products and GPS networking to work with Forsberg as it moves the Forsberg StarLink brand forward. 

About Forsberg Services Ltd.
Forsberg Services Ltd. is a European navigation systems integrator and OEM component supplier based in Lancaster, U.K and with offices near Hannover, Germany.  The company has strong engineering experience in navigation; specializing in PCB, software and mechanical design to produce unique navigation products for a range of applications and market sectors. 


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