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xNAV v3 Series

The OxTS xNAV v3 series of inertial navigation products combines GNSS technology with high-performance miniature inertial sensors for high performance lightweight, INS for drones and UAVs. The xNAV v3 series models include the xNAV550, the xNAV500, the xNAV250, and the xNAV200.

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OxTS xNAV v3 Series

The xNAV v3 series combines GNSS technology with high performance, miniature inertial sensors to deliver a complete, yet compact, navigation solution from Oxford Technical Solutions Ltd. Size and weight constraints are no obstacle with our xNAV INS. Compact and weighing just 365 g, the xNAV v3’s miniature form factor houses powerful components. Competitively priced, this INS solution for drone and UAV mapping, the xNAV v3 offers affordability and lightweight size without compromising performance.

Combining dual GNSS receivers, an inertial measurement unit, internal storage and onboard processor all in one compact box, the xNAV delivers everything you need for a complete navigation solution.

The NAVsuite software features powerful post-processing and graphing software and is INCLUDED at no extra cost, unlike from other manufacturers, to save you money. 

The high performance, lightweight, INS especially for drones and UAVs

The xNAV models include the xNAV550, the xNAV500, the xNAV250, and the xNAV200. OxTS products do not use magnetometers, so there are no effects from ferrous metals or electrical interference from outside sources! And, remember, ALL OxTS systems include post-processing software!  Choose the model that meets your project needs.

Compact Size, High Accuracy

  • Excellent heading/pitch/roll performance – measurement accuracy of 0.05° guaranteed.
  •  2cm positioning accuracy: GPS and GLONASS standard ensures improved position and heading robustness even when faced with difficult GNSS environments.
  • Achieve even more precise results: the new-generation accelerometer delivers excellent stability and performance

Powerful performance components, lighter payloads

  • High-grade MEMS inertial sensors and survey grade GNSS receivers for a reliable, high accuracy, data feed to a reliable navigation engine 
  • Extra low power consumption: The xNAV V3 requires as little as 7W power consumption for longer flight times.
  • 32GB of onboard storage with LIDAR logging capability onboard. Operators can also log LiDAR data to the INS without the need for an extra logging device.

Easy integration, simplified usability

  • Simple “plug and play” set-up. Get up and running within minutes instead of hours.
  • Easy integration with existing sensors and tools – seamless integration with 3rd party software and hardware.
  • User-friendly NAVsuite software provided free of charge. Upgraded NAVsuite software supports all new xNAV features and delivers streamlined configuration, real-time monitoring, post-processing and analysis.
  • Add-on LiDAR georeferencing software available:  INS/LIDAR Boresight calibration and georeferencing capabilities to create basic, reliable pointclouds.


  • Georeferencing UAV LiDAR data
  • Airborne photogrammetry
  • UAV remote sensing
  • Mobile mapping
  • Aerial surveying
  • Pedestrian mobile mapping systems
  • Integrated LiDAR+INS payloads


Logging Only
Positioning GPS L1
GPS L1, L2
BeiDou L1, L2 (optional)
Position accuracy 2 m SPS
0.6 m SBAS
0.5 m DGPS
1.6 m CEP SPS
0.6 m SBAS
0.4 m DGPS
0.02 m RTK
Roll/Pitch 0.05° 1σ 0.05° 1σ
Heading (2 m baseline) 0.15° 1σ 0.1° 1σ
Measurement rate 100 Hz
200/250 Hz (Optional)
100 Hz
200/250 Hz (Optional)
Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C -40°C to +70°C
Specification temperature -10°C to +70°C -10°C to +70°C
Power input 10–31 V 10–31 V
Power consumption 6.5 W 9 W
Dimensions 132 x 77 x 36 mm 132 x 77 x 36 mm
Weight 365 g 395 g
Logging capacity 32 GB 32 GB
Interfaces Ethernet, Serial Ethernet, Serial
Dual antenna Yes Yes



OxTS xNAV V3 Series GPS Aided INS Data Sheet

xNav Quick Start Guide

OxTS xNAV650 INS Receiver Data Sheet

OxTS NAVSuite Software for INS Survey and Mapping Products

OxTS INS Hardware Comparison Guide


xNAV650 INS Receiver

The xNAV650 is OxTS’ smallest and lightest tactical grade inertial navigation system (INS) yet. The xNav650 delivers exceptional precision and reliability. Measuring only 77 x 63 x 24 mm, its small form factor is ideal for applications where size, weight and power (SWaP) are limited, especially UAVs and UAV-based mapping. Weighing just 130g, its lighter payload and lower power consumption means longer flight times. Standard quad constellation (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo) means that xNAV650 INS users benefit from 2 cm position accuracy, even in challenging GNSS environments.


Designed especially for SWAP restricted applications, the xNAV550 integrates dual L1/L2 GNSS receivers for 2 cm RTK position accuracy and accurate heading. The xNAV systems combine compact MEMS sensors with state-of-the art calibration techniques and advanced algorithms for exceptional performance in a small package — even in GNSS poor environments.

OxTS xNav500

The xNAV500 from OxTS (Oxford Technical Solutions) is a compact, lightweight GPS-aided inertial navigation system, perfectly suited for all applications where size and weight as well as performance matter. It measures and outputs position (50 cm), heading (0.15), roll/pitch (0.05) and much many other metrics in real-time.

OxTS xNav250

The OxTS xNAV250 GNSS-aided INS is ideal for users requiring maximum performance on a tight budget. The xNAV250 uses the same survey-grade dual-frequency GNSS receivers and custom MEMS IMU as the xNAV550, for centimeter-level position accuracy. The only difference is the xNAV250 is a logging only solution.

OxTS xNav200

The xNAV200 is a small GNSS/INS system which is ideal for all size and weight constrained applications. The system is designed to deliver superior position, roll/pitch and heading data even in challenging operating environments.





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