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OxTS xOEM INS Series

Ideal for unmanned systems and UAVs. The xOEM series of inertial navigation systems is an extremely lightweight and compact 3-D navigation solution. Based on the xNAV series, the xOEM series offers all the same great features and functionality but as an embedded GNSS+INS board set, shedding over two thirds of the weight and allowing manufacturers to integrate and build directly into their product.

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OxTS xOEM Inertial Navigation Systems

Ideal for Unmanned Systems and UAVs!

What we are learning is that people are starting to realize they need a good quality inertial navigation system to work with todays LiDAR image collection. With the amount of point cloud data and the sharp images available from many LiDAR systems, you need to have an INS that can bring out that full potential. An INS with real-time centimeter-level precision will eliminate the need for the user to resort to terrestrial based land surveying ahead of time. This will allow you to begin accurately using the system and still have highly accurate geodetic based cloud points. The INS also can be used as part of your flight navigation system, saving you the power, weight and cost of having a separate GPS receiver. 
Franck Boynton, VP and CTO, NavtechGPS


The xOEM series is an embedded GNSS INS board set that allows system integrators to build a 3-D navigation solutions directly into their product.

One of the smallest tactical grade INS available. The xOEM family is some of the smallest tactical grade INS boards available, weighing from just 120 g. High grade MEMS gyros and accelerometers go through a rigorous calibration process to deliver maximum performance while keeping the cost down. The result is an IMU with small in-run bias stability and low random walk that can deliver exceptional orientation accuracy.

RTK quality accuracy. Choose either single or dual frequency receivers. Tight-coupling, differential GNSS, dual GPS heading and inertial sensors are all combined in the xOEM for great performance. Tight-coupling ensures GPS measurements continue to be used in difficult conditions. Differential GPS, either post-processed from a CORS network or logged in real time with a mobile base station, make it easy to achieve centimetre-level position accuracy.

Flexible Integration. Standard NMEA messages, a 1PPS, and configurable TTL pulses can be output for precise synchronization and time-stamping. Event input triggers are also available to generate data points based on external timing and sensors like a camera shutter or LiDAR scan. Serial and Ethernet interfaces can output data at up to 100 Hz. Data is also automatically logged internally, providing a backup to ensure your data is protected. Over 4 days’ worth of full navigation data can be stored on-board.

Evaluation kit also available. The evaluation kit provides an easy set-up to quickly test and evaluate the xOEM with your system. With the board set mounted on an anodised aluminium plate, the evaluation kit includes a PCB breakout board with standard Ethernet and RS232 serial interfaces, a digital I/O port, and power connectors, all with pins labelled clearly for easy reference. The kit also includes SMA antenna connectors from the MMCX or H.FL type connectors on the board.

Extensive post-processing software suite included. The OxTS NAVsuite software package is provided free with inertial navigation systems. The suite includes everything you need to get the most out of your data, with simple to use software for each step while using the product.


  • From 120 g one of the world’s smallest tactical grade INS
  • Dual GNSS receivers superior heading performance in all conditions
  • Centimeter-level position survey-grade GNSS receivers achieve up to 2 cm accuracy
  • Tactical grade IMU high grade MEMS sensors deliver 0.05° roll/pitch accuracy
  • No export restrictions use your system worldwide freely without hassle
  • gx/ix™ technology tight coupling and custom algorithms help improve and maintain performance in harsh GNSS environments
  • Post-processing software included at no extra cost
  • 100 Hz update rate high data output rate provides smooth, continuous data
  • Simple synchronization NMEA messages, IMU sync pulse, and 1PPS seamlessly synchronize with other sensors
  • Development tools the Eval Kit, NAVsuite software package, C-code drivers and binary decoders, and a wealth of information available make development with the xOEM series as easy as possible

OxTS products do not use magnetometers, so there are no effects from ferrous metals or electrical interference from outside sources! And, ALL OxTS systems include post-processing software! 

OxTS xOEM Family Brochure

OxTS gx/ix  Processing Software FAQs


Geo-referencing sensor data
LiDAR, hyperspectral, infrared, or anything else. One of the most competitive price/performance ratios in the RTK accuracy category.

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
Integrate with a range of payloads without dominating the weight restrictions for increased UAV flight times.

Road surveying
Cost effective and resilient to GNSS drop-outs in urban environments. Our post-process software is included.

Antenna tracking
Highly accurate orientation measurements track motion precisely.

Unmanned ground vehicles
gx/ix technology improves reliability with tight coupling and inertial relock for dependable navigation in harsh environments.

Stable dual antenna heading measurements accurate up to 0.05 and precise 0.03 attitude measurements give a clear picture of how aircraft are orientated at any moment.

Motion reference
A highly accurate inertial measurement unit coupled with GPS data means you have all the position, orientation and velocity measurements you need.

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