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Ashtech ABX100 GNSS Sensor

Item# ABX100

With the unique “Internal Heading” capability of the MB100 OEM board the Ashtech ABX100 GNSS Sensor is an ideal low-cost solution for vector determination applications (Heading + Pitch/Roll) + SBAS/DGPS positioning. View Full Description

Category: Enclosures / Sensors
Manufacturer: Ashtech by Trimble
Ashtech by Trimble

Designed for seamless integration, the Ashtech ABX100 GNSS sensor allows OEM and system integrators to rapidly integrate centimeter level positioning into their application. Each receiver from the ABX series is fitted with a built-in power supply extending the input voltage range to between 9 and 36 V DC while maintaining a low power consumption regardless of the power input voltage.
Built in a weatherproof, rugged and small-size unit, the ABX100 receiver can be operated in harsh environments while requiring a minimum of space for their installation. As lightweight high-end units, all ABX receivers are also compatible with airborne applications for which weight considerations are critical.
990669-10 - ABX100: L1 GPS+SBAS Configuration
990669-11 - ABX100  Vector: L1 GPS+SBAS Vector Configuration
990669-12 - ABX100: L1 GLONASS Configuration
990669-13 - ABX100: L1 GPS+GLONASS Configuration
990669-14 - ABX100: L1/L2 GPS Configuration