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Trimble BD910 GNSS Receiver

Item# BD910

The Trimble® BD910 GNSS receiver module has been designed for applications requiring high accuracy from multiple GNSS constellations in a very small package. View Full Description

Category: OEM
Manufacturer: Trimble Navigation
Manufacturer Number: BD910
Trimble Navigation


BD910 GNSS Receiver Module

The Trimble® BD910 GNSS receiver module has be designed for applications requiring high accuracy from multiple GNSS constellations in a very small package. The Trimble BD910 supports the L1 frequency from the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass constellations. An L1 RTK engine delivers 1–2 centimeter positions.

BD910 Receivers - GPS

60910-02 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,5Hz
60910-03 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,20Hz
60910-04 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 DGPS,Base/Rover,5Hz
60910-05 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 DGPS,Base/Rover,20Hz
60910-06 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 DGPS,Rover,5Hz
60910-07 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 DGPS,Rover,20Hz
60910-08 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 RTK Base/Rover,5Hz
60910-09 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 RTK Base/Rover,20Hz
60910-10 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 RTK Rover,5Hz
60910-11 Trimble BD910,GPS,L1 RTK Rover,20Hz

BD910 Receivers - GPS+GLONASS

60910-22 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,5Hz
60910-23 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,20Hz
60910-24 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 DGPS Base/Rover,5Hz
60910-25 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 DGPS Base/Rover,20Hz
60910-26 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 DGPS Rover,5Hz
60910-27 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 DGPS Rover,20Hz
60910-28 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 RTK Base/Rover,5Hz
60910-29 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 RTK Base/Rover,20Hz
60910-30 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 RTK Rover,5Hz
60910-31 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,L1 RTK Rover,20Hz

BD910 Receivers - GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+Compass

60910-42 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,5Hz
60910-43 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 Autonomous/SBAS,20Hz
60910-44 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 DGPS Base/Rover,5Hz
60910-45 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 DGPS Base/Rover,20Hz
60910-46 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 DGPS Rover,5Hz
60910-47 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 DGPS Rover,20Hz
60910-48 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 Base/Rover,5Hz
60910-49 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 Base/Rover,20Hz
60910-50 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 RTK Rover,5Hz
60910-51 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 RTK Rover,20Hz
60910-80 Trimble BD910,GPS,GLONASS,Galileo,Compass,L1 Heading Only Rover