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The OxTS xNAV550 is part of the xNAV v3 series family of inertial navigation systems from Oxford Technical Solutions, which combines GNSS technology with high-performance miniature inertial sensors.

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The xNAV550 GNSS-Aided INS

The xNAV550 is part of the OxTS xNAV v3 series of inertial navigation products that combine GNSS technology with high-performance miniature inertial sensors for high performance,  lightweight INS, especially for drones and UAVs. The xNAV v3 series models include the xNAV550, the xNAV500, the xNAV250, and the xNAV200.

Designed especially for SWAP restricted applications, the xNAV systems combine compact MEMS sensors with state-of-the art calibration techniques and advanced algorithms for exceptional performance in a small package — even in GNSS poor environments. Available with dual antenna configurations for GNSS heading / roll or heading / pitch.

The xNAV550 integrates dual L1/L2 GNSS receivers for 2 cm RTK position accuracy. The improved receivers also mean better heading accuracy. The xNAV550 is 5 mm taller than the other models and slightly heavier at 425 g to accommodate to bigger receivers, but still matches the other models for length and width and features the same IP65 rated anodized aluminum enclosure.

Everything in One Box
The xNAV delivers everything you need for a complete navigation solution all in one box, including

  • dual GNSS receivers,
  • an inertial measurement unit,
  • internal storage and an on-board processor.
  • All cables and antennas are included,
  • together with the NAVsuite software package for powerful post-processing and graphing.

OEM board set versions are available for system integrators.

Key Features

  • Low weight  from 365 g (< 13 oz.), including rugged anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Dual GNSS receivers
  • Survey grade GNSS – L1 only DGPS or L1/L2 RTK position
  • Tactical grade IMU – 0.05° roll/pitch accuracy
  • No export control – ship and operate worldwide
  • Tightly coupled GNSS / INS with gx/ix™ technology for improved performance in harsh GNSS environments
  • Excellent value – impressive price/performance with antennas and software included
  • Included NAVsuite software – a powerful post-processing and analysis tool

Ask us about model variations to fit your budget. Choose logging-only or fully real-time with a simple upgrade path.

OxTS products do not use magnetometers, so there are no effects from ferrous metals or electrical interference from outside sources! And, ALL OxTS systems include post-processing software! 

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