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Course 356B: GPS Operation, DGPS, GPS Signals & Processing

Course 356B Earth Hand Collage Long

Course 356B: GPS Operation, DGPS, GPS Signals & Processing

Instructor: Dr. Chris Hegarty, MITRE
This course is offered only as a private group course | 1.8 CEUs

Course Description

This 3-day course begins with a discussion of differential GPS, which continues through the rest of the week together with an in-depth look at GPS signal processing, navigation message content, code tracking, receivers and concludes with a discussion on the basics of Kalman filtering. (Note: This course is the same as the last 3 days of Course 356.)


  • To give a comprehensive introduction to GPS and DGPS technology, system concepts, design, operation, implementation and applications.
  • To provide detailed information on the GPS signal, its processing by the receiver, and the techniques by which GPS obtains position, velocity and time.
  • To present current information on the status, plans, schedule and capabilities of GPS, as well as of other satellite-based systems with position velocity and time determination applications.
  • To fill in technical information gaps for those working in the GPS and GNSS fields.


  • Understanding of course material covered in Days 1 and 2 of Courses 122 or 346 or 356 is assumed.

Who Should Attend?

  • Excellent for those engineers and technical professionals who know the basics of GPS but need more detail on DGPS, signals, receivers, antennas, navigation algorithms, Kalman filtering and practical aspects of GPS.

Materials You Will Keep

  • A color electronic copy of all course notes provided in advance on a USB drive or CD-ROM.
  • Ability to use Adobe Acrobat sticky notes on electronic course notes.
  • NavtechGPS Glossary of GNSS Acronyms.
  • A black and white hard copy of the course notes.
  • A textbook from the list below.

Course Fee Entitles You to One of the Following Books

  • Introduction to GPS: The Global Positioning System, 2nd ed., Ahmed El-Rabbany, Artech House, 2006, OR
  • Global Positioning System: Signals, Measurement and Performance, P. Misra and P. Enge, 2nd ed., 2011, OR
  • GPS Basics for Technical Professionals, P. Misra, 2019, OR
  • Understanding GPS: Principles and Applications, 3rd Edition, E. Kaplan and C. Hegarty, 2017
  • Note: This arrangement does not apply to on-site contracts. Any books for on-site group contracts are negotiated on a case by case basis.
Course: 356
San Diego, CA

[My objective was to] gain a better understanding of GPS operating principles with a focus on error sources and
differential GPS. I thought [Dr. Hegarty’s] teaching style was excellent. He specifically tailored his approach to the small classroom environment with significant student interaction: True teaching versus lecturing. [I would recommend this course to] system engineers requiring more than a black box knowledge of GPS.

— Name withheld upon request.,
Course: 356
San Diego, CA

Dr. Hegarty is very knowledgeable and he is a great communicator. He explained conceptual and theoretical topics
clearly. He was very accessible in answering questions. He did an excellent job engaging the students in the learning

— Carol Chen, John Deere
Course: 356
Annapolis, MD

I thought [Dr. Hegarty] had a great teaching style, was funny and had just the right amount of slides. [Dr. Hegarty] was very good at explaining very technical things in a way that made sense to someone with very little signals /
communications background.

— A. Muscat, Not provided
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