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NovAtel is continuously evolving its global navigation satellite system hardware to provide superior positioning and navigation solutions. Its integrated global positioning solutions deliver success on land, sea and in the air by delivering OEM global satellite positioning products that are recognized for their technical innovation and quality.

NovAtel is a leading provider of precision GNSS technology to the unmanned industry. These unmanned systems include unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). NovAtel’s high precision GNSS receivers deliver down to centimeter-level accuracy with the AdVance® RTK firmware and augmented performance with Terra Sat L-band services.

NavtechGPS carries an extensive line of quality NovAtel products including the OEM6 Series receivers, and the OEM7 Series receivers, which offer future-proof technology with the potential to track all the world’s current satellite constellations:

  • The U.S. GPS,
  • Russia’s GLONASS,
  • China’s Compass/BeiDou, and
  • Europe’s Galileo

NavtechGPS also carries the NovAtel SPAN® GNSS Inertial Navigation Systems, which couple NovAtel’s OEM precision GNSS receivers with robust inertial measurement units (IMUs) for continuously available position, velocity, and attitude, even during short periods when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable.

NavtechGPS also carries high quality NovAtel antennas and the Waypoint Products Group post processing software.

NovAtel’s product line includes NovAtel CORRECT positioning technology, which replaced OminStar with Terrastar. Click here for details and a list of FAQs.


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NovAtel AG-STAR Smart Antenna

AG-STAR Smart Antenna

Item # AG-STAR

NovAtel ANT-26C1GA-TBW-N Compact Single-Frequency GPS Antenna

ANT-26C1GA-TBW-N Compact Single-Frequency GPS Antenna

Item # ANT-26C1GA-TBW-N

NovAtel ANT-C2GA-TW-N Fixed Reference GPS Antenna

ANT-C2GA-TW-N Fixed Reference GPS Antenna

Item # ANT-C2GA-TW-N

NovAtel GNSS-302L-A Antenna

GNSS-302L-A Antenna

Item # GNSS-302L-A

NovAtel GNSS-303L Antenna

GNSS-303L Antenna

Item # GNSS-303L

NovAtel GNSS-302L-A Antenna

GNSS-303L-A Antenna

Item # GNSS-303L-A

NovAtel GPS-301 GNSS Antenna

GPS-301 GNSS Antenna

Item # GPS-301

NovAtel GPS-302-A


Item # GPS-302-A

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