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December 9, 2013

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1. When will the new NovAtel CORRECT solution be available?

We will release NovAtel CORRECT in Q1 2014 as part of the 6.400 firmware release. Beta firmware will be available in November so that you can start testing the new solution in your application. Preliminary information on how to use NovAtel CORRECT, including subscribing to TERRASTAR, will be made available with the beta firmware.

2. On which Novatel products will NovAtel CORRECT be available?

NovAtel CORRECT will be released on all OEM6® and SPAN on OEM6® products and will be available as either an L-band or NTRIP delivered solution. Customers using OEMV® or SPAN on OEMV® products will need to upgrade to OEM6 hardware in order to use NovAtel CORRECT.

3. Why did NovAtel terminate the agreement with OmniStar?

In order to develop and sell our own solution, we were contractually required to terminate our agreement with OmniStar.

4. Why did NovAtel choose to partner with TERRASTAR?

TERRASTAR has an OEM business model which allows NovAtel to develop and control the key technology inside the receiver. This OEM business model allows NovAtel to sell the TERRASTAR correction service directly to our customers for land, air and near shore applications. We are also able to offer solutions for the offshore market through Veripos, TERRASTAR’s parent company.

5. How much will NovAtel CORRECT cost compared to OmniStar?

At the receiver level, the pricing for the authorization code to enable NovAtel CORRECT functionality will be consistent with previous pricing for OmniStar authorization codes. The end user is still required to purchase a subscription to the TERRASTAR service and pricing will be consistent with OmniStar pricing.

6. How do I purchase NovAtel CORRECT and TERRASTAR services?

NovAtel CORRECT is a feature available on OEM6 receivers which enables our proprietary positioning solution. It is purchased and enabled through an authorization code similar to features like RTK and ALIGN. In combination with a NovAtel CORRECT authorization code, NovAtel customers will have the ability to purchase TERRASTAR subscriptions directly from NovAtel. This means single point of contact for sales and support issues for the end to end solution.

7. What happens to my fielded receivers currently running OmniStar?

OmniStar will continue to offer renewal subscriptions for receivers already running a valid OmniStar subscription. OmniStar will also offer subscriptions for new receivers purchased from NovAtel prior to October 24, 2013. NovAtel will issue the required authorization code to enable OmniStar operation on receivers purchased before October 24, 2013.

8. Can I upgrade to firmware version 6.400 and continue to use OmniStar?

No. OmniStar capability has been disabled in version 6.400 and higher. OmniStar users must continue to use the last version of firmware where OmniStar was supported. Please contact NovAtel if you have further questions about which firmware versions support OmniStar.

9. Can I upgrade my existing OEM6 hardware to use NovAtel CORRECT?

Once NovAtel CORRECT is available in Q1 2014, you can upgrade your OEM6 receiver to utilize NovAtel CORRECT and then purchase a subscription for the TERRASTAR service. Detailed information on how to use NovAtel CORRECT and TERRASTAR will be made available at that time.

10. Why can’t I find information about TERRASTAR on the Veripos website?

Veripos provides decimeter solutions to the offshore market under the brands Ultra and Apex. TERRASTAR is a subsidiary of Veripos that sells and distributes correction services into the land, air and near shore markets. For more information on TERRASTAR, go to www.terrastar.net.

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