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Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere GNSS designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective GPS and GNSS receivers, antennas, SMART antennas and OEM boards for positioning, guidance, and machine control applications. Through the use of high precision positioning and heading components, Hemisphere addresses a wide variety of location-based requirements for reliable, real-time, sub-meter and centimeter positioning.

The Hemisphere Crescent® GNSS receivers establish a new benchmark for performance, versatility, and value. A variety of accuracy and feature options include Differential GNSS (DGNSS) accuracies of 60 cm or better to centimeter-level RTK solutions. The same performance is available in the Crescent Vector products, which operate as a GNSS compass for GNSS based heading.

Eclipse multi-GNSS technology delivers the highest level of performance and versatility with GNSS and GLONASS support. Horizontal accuracies of one centimeter are possible through RTK or post-processed solutions. Eclipse technology provides the ability to track and process a wide range of GNSS signals including current and modernized GNSS, GLONASS, SBAS and the future Galileo system signals. Innovations COAST allow the user to retain GNSS corrections for an extended period of time thereby enabling accuracy after the loss of correction signals.

NavtechGPS carries a wide variety of Hemisphere GNSS OEM boards,  GPS antennas and receivers, including the Hemisphere Vector line, one of the most popular GPS pointing systems in the world.

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A222 GNSS Smart Antenna

Item # A222

Hemisphere ATLASLINK GNSS Smart Antenna


Item # AtlasLink

Hemisphere Atlas GNSS Global Correction Service

ATLAS™ GNSS Global Correction Service

Item # ATLAS

Hemisphere C321+ GNSS Smart Antenna side

C321+ GNSS Smart Antenna

Item # C321+

Hemisphere Crescent P102 and P103 OEm Board

Crescent P102 and P103 OEM Board

Item # P102P103

Hemisphere Crescent P206 and P207 GNSS OEM Boards

Crescent P206™ AND P207™ GNSS OEM Boards

Item # P206P207

Hemisphere Crescent Vector GNSS H220 Board

Crescent® Vector™ H220 GNSS OEM Board

Item # H220

Hemisphere Eclipse P302 and P307 OEM Modules

Eclipse P306™ and P307™ OEM Modules

Item # P306P307

Hemisphere Eclipse P326 and P327 OEM Boards

Eclipse P326 and P327 OEM Boards

Item # P326P327

Hemisphere Eclipse P328 Oem Board

Eclipse P328 OEM Board

Item # P328

Hemisphere HA32 Multi-Frequency Antenna

HA32 UAV GNSS Antenna

Item # HA32

Hemisphere Crescent Vector H200 Module

Hemisphere Crescent Vector H200 Module

Item # Crescent Vector H200

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