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RF Networking (DAS)

Commercial Grade Use: Signal Splitters, Amplifiers and Fiber Optic Distribution Systems

We can engineer and install RF GPS/GNSS networking systems for any application. We have 25 plus years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Attention military Users! We also carry a line of military grade splitters. These ruggedized splitters have been tested and certified to military specifications for military applications. They are hermetically sealed, EMI shielded, and virtually indestructible.

Signal splitters have a single antenna input and are available with 2, 4 or 8 outputs. Rack-mount configurations of 1×16 and 1×32 are available. Amplifiers range in gain from 1-20dB with options for adjustable gain. Fiber optic signal distribution systems and auto-switching signal splitters (also used for telecom applications) are available.

NavtechGPS carries GPS networking products for distributed antenna systems (DAS) and RF networks, including GNSS signal splitters, amplifiers, attenuators, repeaters, combiners, DC blocks and re-radiating kits from GPS Networking, Forsberg and Tallysman. 

We have everything you need for your RF network: advice, expertise, installation know-how, and components!

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