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Forsberg Starlink RF Line

NavtechGPS is pleased to partner with Forsberg to handle its sales and distribution in North America of the now Forsberg StarLink RF line of GNSS / GPS down-up converters, signal splitters and in-line amplifiers, as well as the Forsberg (formerly Raven) StarLink  DGPS product line of transmitters and receivers.

The Forsberg StarLink GPS signal splitters and fiber-optic solutions resolve the difficulties associated with signal losses due to extended antenna cable lines of practically any length.

Forsberg has offices in the UK and Germany and is certified to ISO9001:2008.

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Forsberg StarLink Coax Down/Up Converter

Coax Down / Up Converter Kit (DUC-1-COAX)

Item # DUC-1-COAX


Forsberg StarLink BT-2DGPS-Splitter

Forsberg StarLink Splitter BT-2DGPS-TNC

Item # BT-2DGPS -TNC


Forseberg Starling Splitter

GPS Signal Splitter BT-2DGPS-2DC-N

Item # BT-2DGPS-2DC-N


Forseberg Starling Splitter

GPS Signal Splitter BT-2DGPS-2DC-TNC



Forsberg StarLink BT-2DGPS-Splitter

GPS Signal Splitter BT-2DGPS-N

Item # BT-2DGPS-N


Forsberg In-Line Amplifier, 12 Decibel L1 Only

In-Line Amplifier, L1, 12dB (LA-12-1575-100)

Item # LA-12-1575-100


Forsberg In-Line Amplifier, 21 Decibel L1 Only

In-Line Amplifier, L1, 21dB (LA-21-1575-100)

Item # LA-21-1575-100


Forsberg In-Line Amplifier 12 Decibel L1 L2

In-Line Amplifier, L1L2, 12dB (LA-12-L1L2)

Item # LA-12-L1L2


Forsberg In-line Amplifier 21 decibel L1 L2

In-Line Amplifier, L1L2, 21dB (LA-21-L1L2)

Item # LA-21-L1L2


Forsberg RavenLink RVL-1 Receiver

RVL-1 RavenLink GPS Fiber Optic Link System

Item # RVL-1-FIBER


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