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GPS Jammer Detectors

NavtechGPS has partnered with Chronos Technology to market Chronos Technology’s GPS jammer detectors in the United States.

GPS/GNSS jamming and denial of service instantly kills the functionality of GPS receivers and is becoming more problematic each day. The time and money lost from GPS jamming and interference is measuring record highs and is increasing. As cheap and easily accessible jammers are being used more and more, corporations and governments need to defend their marine ports, trucking lines, airports, roadways, and secure areas to eliminate these threats. These threats are not only intentional but unintentional as well. It has become popular for truckers to “disappear” from the map using illegal jammers. These unregulated jammers not only affect the trucks but other vehicles and the infrastructure around them, such as cell phone towers, timing receivers, military locations and more, which are critical to commerce, banking, transportation and other operations.

“The Chronos GPS jammer detectors are compact, lightweight, easy to use, and sensitive. They can detect very low-power jammers that are commercially available,” says NavtechGPS CTO and Vice President Franck Boynton. “The technology can be used to find both intentional and unintentional GPS signal jamming. There are those who deliberately use jammers for criminal or terrorist activities, which can render your GPS signal useless. The CTL3520 could be especially useful to agencies like Homeland Security and others interested in protecting critical GPS signals.I always keep one in my toolbox to detect potential signal interference.”

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Chronos CTL3500 GPS Interference Monitor

CTL3500 GPS Interference Monitor

Item # CTL-3500


Chronos CTL3510-LOG Jammer Detector and Logger

CTL3510-LOG Jammer Detector and Logger

Item # CTL3510LOG


CTL3510-M1 Jammer and Interference Detector

CTL3510-M1 GNSS Interference Detector and Logger

Item # CTL3510-M1


Chronos CTL3520 GPS Jammer Detector

CTL3520 Directional GPS Jammer Detector and Locator

Item # CTL-3520


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