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These next-generation GNSS antenna products have been developed by navXperience with a future-proof technology that meets or exceeds phase center eccentricity standards of up to 1 mm. Multi-constellation antenna configurations include L1 GPS, L1L2 GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou (Compass) configurations.

The navXperience 3G+C antennas offer superior performance and durability for many applications, including reference (surveying), agriculture, navigation, and machine control.

The company was founded by Dirk Kowalewski and Franz-Hubert Schmitz, both experts in the field of navigation and location technology, in collaboration with leading experts from Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. All navXperience products are produced in Germany, providing the high quality standards people have come to expect from German engineering. NavtechGPS is pleased to be a distributor of navXperience durable, high quality, light-weight, affordable 3G+C GNSS antennas.

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3G+C Control

Item # 3G+C Control

3G+C Defense

3G+C Defense

Item # 3G+C Defense

NavXperience 3G+C GNSS Antenna

3G+C Four Constellation GNSS Antenna

Item # 3G+C GNSS

3G+C Maritime

3G+C Maritime Four Constellation GNSS Antenna

Item # 3G+C_GO

3G+C Mobile

3G+C Mobile Four Constellation GNSS Antenna

Item # 3G+C Mobile

3G+C Reference

3G+C Reference Four Constellation GNSS Antenna

Item # 3G+C_R

NavXperience Antenna Bumper

navXperience Antenna Bumper

Item # navX-050

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