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Trimble Navigation

NavtechGPS® has teamed up with Trimble Navigation to offer you a high-quality line of precision OEM GPS receivers, high-accuracy OEM boards, and antennas that provide easy integration into your projects, whatever the application. For over 40 years, Trimble has provided top-of-the-line products that assist with accurate positioning in industries such as construction, agriculture, and land surveying, and the company is backed by a legacy of comprehensive surveying expertise and GNSS technology leadership.

 Trimble GPS products are each designed in adherence to high-quality standards, providing high accuracy, precision, and consistent updates to remain up to date with the diverse needs of the industry.  

Another key advantage of Trimble Navigation products is their ability to leverage a strong network of existing community base stations around the globe. Trimble Navigation products are used for unmanned systems, defense systems, mapping, machine control, asset tracking, mining and more, assisting professionals with essential processes in even the most challenging environments. Trimble Navigation products is amongst the very best providers of inertial navigation systems.

NavtechGPS® is a value-added reseller for the entire Trimble Navigation high-precision OEM line, including L1, L1/L2, L5, GLONASS, SBAS, Inertial, and more, and prior Ashtech and Spectra Precision products, which have since been re-branded or replaced by Trimble GPS products. Trimble Navigation products through NavtechGPS provide various solutions for professionals needing accurate positioning, distance, and speed information for projects.

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Trimble AG25 antenna

AG25 Antenna

Item # AG25

Trimble AV16 Antenna

AV16 Antenna

Item # AV16

Trimble AV17 Antenna

AV17 Antenna

Item # AV17

Trimble AV28 GNSS Antenna

AV28 GNSS L-Band Antenna

Item # AV28

Trimble AV33 Antenna

AV33 GNSS Antenna

Item # AV33

Trimble AV34 Antenna

AV34 GNSS Antenna

Item # AV34

Trimble AV37 Antenna

AV37 Aviation Antenna

Item # AV37

Trimble AV39 GNSS Antenna

AV39 GNSS Antenna

Item # AV39

Trimble AV59 antenna

AV59 GNSS Antenna

Item # AV59

Trimble BD910 Receiver

BD910 GNSS Receiver

Item # BD910

Trimble BD920 Receiver

BD920 GNSS Receiver

Item # BD920

Trimble BD940 GNSS Receiver

BD940 GNSS Receiver

Item # BD940

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