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D. Lilly & Co.

The D. Lilly Co. offers a line of high quality marine hardware, including hundreds of items like SS screws, bolts, tubing and deck hardware.
These high quality hardware products work to mount standard 5/8-inch thread and 1×14 standard marine thread to almost any flat surface or rail. All are strong and corrosion resistant. Ask us how we can help you configure antenna mounting for your application.

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antenna mounts

4 Inch Stainless Steel Deck Antenna Mount

Item # 2020-22


4-way ratchet mount

Chrome 4-Way Ratchet Mount

Item # 2020-32


Nylon ratchet antenna mount

Nylon 4-way ratchet mount with hole

Item # 2020-33


Nylon Ratchet Rail Mount

Nylon Ratchet Rail Mount

Item # 2020-25


Stainless steel thread adapter

Stainless Steel Thread Adapter. Mounts on 1 inch Pipe

Item # 2020-5


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