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Navtech Products in Use
Navtech Products in Use
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About Our Services During the COVID-19 Outbreak

NavtechGPS continues to receive products, fill orders, respond to quotes, and offer advice and project solutions. We are following strict CDC guidelines, and instituted other extensive measures to keep our employees safe and support a continuous supply chain. Call or email us. For specific questions about upcoming GNSS training seminars, call (+1-703-256-8900) or e-mail Carolyn McDonald (

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GPS / GNSS Products and Solutions

NavtechGPS specializes in precise GNSS positioning technology. We sell thousands of GNSS products from 25+ manufacturers and deliver innovative solutions for commercial, military and research COTS integration projects.

NovAtel PwrPak-7D-and-7D-E1


Precision GPS/GNSS receivers for nearly every need and price point

VeraPhase 6000 GNSS Antenna Image


Antennas from major manufacturers for nearly every application

Chronos CTL3520 GPS Jammer Detector


GNSS interference mitigation systems and jammer detectors

VectorNav VN 200 Chip


Commercial, tactical and navigation-grade INS systems

Antenna Splitter lnfa1x4-n


We can engineer your GPS RF system

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GPS and GNSS Training Courses

NavtechGPS has been a leader in GPS / GNSS education and training since 1984. Our GPS courses are taught by some of the best technical professionals in the industry.


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Let us show you how to integrate GPS/GNSS technology into your projects.


When you chose NavtechGPS, you chose a company with deep technical understanding, practical expertise, and more than 30 year of industry experience. We specialize in precise positioning technology to deliver innovations solutions for military, commercial and research COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) integration products.


As a result, we are in a unique position to recommend just the right product from leading GNSS manufacturers.


We are highly knowledgeable about our manufacturers’ products. Our technical understanding and experience has often exceeded our customers’ expectations and has helped our partners win competitive programs.


We led the way in GNSS education 35+ years ago, and still lead the way today. Our courses are taught by world-class instructors either remotely or at choice locations in the U.S. and overseas, and/or we can bring our courses to YOUR group remotely or to your location, saving you time and travel, and overhead expenses.

What Our Customers Say

Thanks to NavtechGPS for going back and forth with me to select the optimal geodetic GPS antenna for my PPP tectonic drift measurement project here in the mountains of North Carolina. They sent specs, prices and relevant opinions on a range of antenna types from various manufacturers before I settled on a Zephyr 3 Geodetic Base unit. With the current supply chain issues it took a few weeks to acquire the antenna but they kept me well informed on the progress of the delivery from Trimble. Well done Navtech.
— Steve Fulghum, November 2021

I found working with NavtechGPS a refreshing experience. The execution of my order to receipt went off without a hitch, a huge relief on the pressure filled project. Certainly looking forward to working with Navtech again.

Yasim Nouri, Tilson Technology Management

Yes, I really found Chris [Hegarty] to be very engaging, even through the remote sessions. His knowledge and charisma made the sessions both lively and informative.

Christopher DeFrancisci, JHU/APL
Course 346  (Remote Course,  November 2020)

I came out of the course with a good understanding of GPS history, signal structure, and receivers. As a new engineer that is also new to GNSS, I will benefit a lot from the complete coverage of the fundamentals of GNSS as it gave me a good foundation to keep on learning. I received the most value from the book of notes since I know I will be referencing it for many years to come.

Daniel Betancourt-Santiago, Northrop Grumman
Course 346 (Remote Course, November 2020)

The scheduling was perfect, very nice that we could join from Europe. Also the amount of material and number and interval of breaks was well thought of. Thank you for the useful and interesting course!

Heiko Engwerda, NLR
Course 346 (Remote Course, July 2020)

The video quality was excellent; I am very pleased with the Webex platform. I don’t feel as though going through the course remotely had any negative impact. It was still very personal, easy to ask questions, and I enjoyed the banter over coffee in the morning even if we were all scattered across the world. Mr. Boynton, Ms. McDonald, and Dr. Hegarty were so friendly and welcoming. This was such a great experience.

Shealyn Greer, Trident Research
Course 346 (Remote Course, July 2020)

I was most excited to learn about GPS receivers and antennas. I really didn’t know much about GPS hardware before this course. Dr. Hegarty walked us through each component of a receiver and antenna, and I feel it was very beneficial to understand the GPS algorithm as it relates to physical components.

Shealyn Greer, Trident Research
Course 346 (Remote Course, July 2020)

My main objectives were to learn the aspects of and how to implement modern navigation algorithms. The course definitely met those objectives.

Travis Noffke, EXB Solutions
Course 557 (Remote Course, July 2020)

Can’t speak highly enough. Mr. Vaujin was engaging and taught the course like a veteran IMU designer teaching novices what to do when they design their own IMU. Do this trick of the trade. Watch out for that pitfall. Be explicit with your vector notation. All of those things Vaujin did and I felt were immensely helpful.

Cody Carter, USAF
Course 557 (Remote Course, July 2020)

[I would recommend this course to] any group that has anything related to machine control (hardware, component software, system software, positioning and controls). Really appreciated the MATLAB® code examples.

Ron White, Caterpillar


Precision GNSS for Commercial and Military Applications

NavtechGPS is your one source for quality commercial GNSS products, solutions and training. We have been in the GPS/GNSS industry for more than 35 years and specialize in precise positioning technology and GNSS training. NavtechGPS is a leading distributor of thousands of GNSS products from 25+ manufacturers. We deliver innovative solutions for military, commercial and research COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) integration projects.

NavtechGPS is also a world leader in GNSS training with a comprehensive course list taught by world-class instructors. We have trained thousands of GPS/GNSS professionals since 1984.

Whether your application is for manned or unmanned vehicles, RF networking, LiDAR and photogrammetry, GNSS plus inertial integration, GPS simulation and testing, GIS and mapping, geolocation, RTK and PPP solutions, PNT, or if you need GNSS training, NavtechGPS has the choices you want and expertise you need — all from ONE company.

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