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GPS and GNSS Training Courses

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Course 122: GPS Fundamentals and Enhancements

This is a 2-day course that presents an overview of how the GPS systems works, its many applications, and its policy and operational considerations. It provides the fundamentals of GPS principles and technologies including clocks and timing, orbits and constellations, and satellites and control segment functions. See details for more information about this course. (Note: This course is the same as days 1 and 2 of Courses 336, 346 and 356. The concepts presented in Course 122 are expanded in depth in the subsequent courses.)

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Course 335: Military GPS Receiver Performance in Jamming, with Mitigations (U.S. Military Only)

This two and a half-day course is targeted at military operators, testers, and planners involved in specification, operations, planning, evaluation, testing, and use of military GPS user equipment. The course level assumes attendees do not have deep familiarity with satellite-based navigation (satnav) or GPS, or with electrical engineering principles and concepts. Important principles and concepts are conveyed without resorting to deep mathematics or theory. Extensive examples that employ simple back of the envelope calculations are used to equip attendees with the tools needed for understanding and assessing various aspects of military user equipment capabilities. Extensive use of practical examples allows attendees to apply the concepts in practice. Note: This course is limited to U.S. military personnel, U.S. government federal civilian employees and U.S. governments agencies and their contractors.

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Course 336: GPS Fundamentals, Enhancements and Introduction to Differential GPS

This 3-day course will give you a comprehensive introduction to GPS technology and a solid introduction to differential GPS (DGPS). It is designed especially for engineers and technical staff who want a comprehensive GPS/GNSS overview and a full day of differential GPS. It is the same as Course 122, but with a full day of DGPS added to it.

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Course 346: GPS/GNSS Operation for Engineers & Technical Professionals

Take this 4-day course to gain a comprehensive understanding of GPS/GNSS system concepts, design and operation, including information on GPS signal processing by the receiver; techniques by which GPS obtains position, velocity and time and a brief introduction to differential GPS (DGPS) and Kalman filtering. This course is similar to Course 356 (5 days), but with less emphasis on DGPS and Kalman filtering. The first two days of Course 346 are the same as Course 122, which introduces the concepts that are expanded upon in Course 346. 

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Course 356: GPS and DGPS Operation for Engineers & Technical Professionals

This 5-day course offers a comprehensive introduction to GPS and DGPS technology, system concepts, design, operation, implementation and applications, including detailed information on the GPS signal, its processing by the receiver, and the techniques by which GPS obtains position, velocity and time. This course is presented by two highly respected instructors who bring their unique experiences and professional expertise to the class. This course is similar to  Course 346, except that Course 356 has three additional hours of Differential GPS and two additional hours of Kalman filtering, to provide the attendee with more in-depth information on these critical topics as they apply to GNSS. Note: The first two days of Course 356 are the same as Course 122, which introduces the concepts that are expanded upon in days three-five of Course 356. 

Course 356B Image Earth Hand Collate

Course 356B: GPS Operation, DGPS, GPS Signals & Processing

This 3-day course begins with a discussion of differential GPS, which continues through the rest of the week together with an in-depth look at GPS signal processing, navigation message content, code tracking, receivers and concludes with a discussion on the basics of Kalman filtering. (Note: This course is the same as the last 3 days of Course 356.) Knowledge of GPS fundamentals, as presented in Course 122 is assumed. 

Course 551 Square Backround Image

Course 551: Using Advanced GPS/GNSS Signals and Systems

This intensive 5-day course will enable attendees to achieve proficiency, not merely familiarity, with the essential aspects of using GPS / GNSS signals. Course 551 will not only thoroughly address current and future GPS signals, but also drill deeply into available details of signals from other satellite-based positioning and timing systems. As attendees understand similarities and distinctions between different systems and signals, they will become equipped to take advantage of signals from multiple systems. This course is targeted toward engineers, scientists and professionals with a solid background in GPS who want to develop advanced skills in GPS and other satellite-based navigation and timing systems.


Course 557 Inertial Image

Course 557: Inertial Systems, Kalman Filtering and GPS / INS Integration

This intensive five-day course on GNSS-aided navigation teaches the integration of inertial sensors and GPS systems, including fundamental concepts and practical implementations of the types of Kalman filters that optimally fuse GPS receiver measurements with strapdown inertial navigation solutions; the fundamentals of inertial navigation, inertial instrument technologies, technology surveys and trends, integration architectures, practical Kalman filter design techniques, case studies, MATLAB® demonstrations and more. Designed for GPS/GNSS professionals who are engineers, scientists, systems analysts, program specialists and others concerned with the integration of inertial sensors and systems, who also need a working knowledge of Kalman filtering, or those who work in either navigation or target tracking. A solid knowledge of GPS is assumed.  

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