PCTEL’s GNSS/GPS antenna solutions are designed for applications such as time synchronization, commercial tracking, and precision navigation covering all GNSS frequency bands (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, IRNSS).

PCTEL’s precision GNSS and GPS (L1 GPS and L1L2 GPS) antennas serve innovative applications in telemetry, RFID, in-building, fleet management, and mesh networks.

NavtechGPS sells most of PCTEL’s GPS/GNSS antennas. Contact us to find the right PCTEL antenna solution for your project.

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PCTel 1213FW Airborne Puck Antenna 40dB

1213FW Airborne Puck Antenna, 40dB, TNC Female

Item # 1213FW


PCTEL 12700FW Series Antenna

1270FW L1 GPS Mini Arinc Antenna

Item # 1270FW


1330FW Antennas

1330FW Series Antennas

Item # PCTEL

PCTel Global GNSS Network Timing Antenna

Global GNSS Network Timing Antenna GNSS1-TMG-26N

Item # GNSS1-TMG-26N

GNSS-L125-40TNC Multi-GNSS Antenna

GNSS-L125-40TNC Multi-GNSS High Performance Antenna

Item # GNSS-L125-40TNC

GNSS-L125-TNC Multi-GNSS Antenna

GNSS-L125-TNC Multi-GNSS Precision Antenna

Item # GNSS-L125-TNC



Item # GNSS1-TMG-40N


GPS L1/L2 MAG Active Antenna

Item # GPS-L1L2-MAG

PCTEL gps-tmg-26 Antenna

GPS-TMG-26 GPS Timing Antenna

Item # GPS-TMG-26


PCTEL gps tmg 26 antenna


Item # GPS-TMG-26N



Item # GPS-TMG-40N



Item # GPS-TMG-HR-26N

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