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Item #: 1270FW

1270FW L1 GPS Mini Arinc Antenna


L1 GPS Mini Arinc Antenna, 26dB, TNC female connector

SKU: 1270FW Categories: , Manufacturer: PCTEL

PCTel 1270FW L1 GPS Mini Arinc Antenna

The antennas in the Maxrad® 12700 series are robust, rigorously tested and environmentally sealed units suitable for a wide variety of GPS applications, including vehicle tracking, marine and airborne navigation. These antennas have been tested to DO-160 environmental test requirements and are designed to meet Arinc 743 and FAA TSO-C129 specifications. These antennas feature a sealed o-ring that protects them against severe environmental conditions for reliable, long-lasting performance. Their radome is constructed of high grade polymer resin for UV and abrasion resistance. They will resist all de-icing fluids, jet fuels, and standard cleaning solvents.

PCTel 1270FW Data Sheet

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