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GPS Networking

NavtechGPS has partnered with GPS Networking for many years to bring you high quality RF components, including amplifiers, attenuators, filters, splitters and repeaters, from the manufacturer that originated the process.
GPS Networking, Inc., manufactures GPS signal distribution products to create distributed antenna systems (DAS) to effectively distribute the GPS signal throughout a facility. GPS Networking was the first manufacturer to develop these building block GPS products and has been the number one manufacturer of GPS antenna splitters, GPS amplifiers and the first company to commercially supply GPS re-radiating kits to transmit GPS signals indoors.
RF Networking and Distributed Antenna Systems. NavtechGPS can engineer and install small or large GPS DAS and RF networking systems from start to finish for any application. NavtechGPS also offers portable solutions in addition to the NavtechGPS fixed-installation kits. We have everything you need for your RF network: advice, expertise, years of experience, installation know-how and quality components from GPS Networking, the company that originated the technology.
In October 2013, GPS Networking earned the ISO 9001: 2008 quality-management certification after passing an independent assessment conducted by UL DQS, an internationally recognized ISO auditor. The ISO 9001:2008 certification is valid for three years, with audits performed every year by UL DQS.
Attention Military Users: GPS Networking's ruggedized splitters have been tested and certified to military specifications. These products are specifically designed for military applications and are hermetically sealed, EMI shielded, and virtually indestructible. Please see the documents tab on the product detail pages for certification and testing information. 
NavtechGPS is a proud partner of GPS Networking. Contact us today for your networking needs.

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