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Item #: ALDCBS1X2

ALDCBS1X2 Active Antenna Splitter 1X2


ALDCBS1X2 GPS Amplified 1X2 Antenna Splitter, DC blocked. Available with BNC, N-type, SMA, or TNC connectors.

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GPS Networking ALDCBS1X2 GPS Active Antenna Splitter

The GPS Networking ALDCBS1X2 GPS Amplified Antenna Splitter is a one input, two output device with a 22dB minimum gain block. The frequency response covers the GPS L1 & L2 bands with excellent gain flatness. In the normal configuration, one of the splitter RF outputs (J1) passes DC from the connected GPS receiver through the splitter to the antenna, allowing the GPS receiver to power both the antenna and the splitters amplifier. The other RF output (J2) is DC loaded with a 200 ohm resistor to simulate the antenna current draw to prevent the connected receiver from showing a false antenna fault.

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GPS Networking ALDCBS1X2 Data Sheet

And all the NALDCBS1x2 configurations

If you chose networking, you must also choose power options. Please review this explanation of your power options. 

For military power options, please download this PDF: Military Power Options (MC vs MC28)

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