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NavtechGPS carries a range of GPS / GNSS signal splitters from GPS Networking, Forsberg StarLink Industries (Starlink DGPS) and Tallysman Wireless. Signal splitters have a single antenna input and are available with 2, 4, or 8 outputs. Rack-mount configurations of 1×16 and 1×32 are also available. Auto-switching signal splitters are also available and are growing in use for telecom applications. Contact us for more information about our many available options.

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GPS NetworkingALDCBS1X2 Active Antenna Splitter

ALDCBS1X2 Active Antenna Splitter 1X2

Item # ALDCBS1X2


GPS Networking ALDCBS1X4 Active Antenna Splitter

ALDCBS1X4 Active Antenna Splitter 1X4

Item # ALDCBS1X4


GPS Networking ALDCBS1X8 Active Antenna Splitter

ALDCBS1X8 Active Antenna Splitter 1X8

Item # ALDCBS1X8


GPS Networking DRMALDCBS2X16 Rack Mount GPS Splitter

DRMALDCBS2X16 Rack Mount 2X16 GPS Splitter



DRMALDCBS2X32 Rack Mount Splitter




GPS Networking RMALDCBS 1X8 Amplified Splitter

GPS Networking NRMALDCBS1X8 Rack Mount, Networked, Amplified, DC Blocked 1X8 Splitter



Forsberg BT-2DGPS-2DC-TNC GPS Signal Splitter

GPS Signal Splitter BT-2DGPS-2DC-N

Item # BT-2DGPS-2DC-N


Forsberg BT-2DGPS-2DC-N GPS Signal Splitter

GPS Signal Splitter BT-2DGPS-2DC-TNC



Forsberg BT-2DGPS-2DC-N GPS Signal Splitter

GPS Signal Splitter BT-2DGPS-N

Item # BT-2DGPS-N


GPS Networking HiALDCBS1X4-S Splitter

HiALDCBS1X4-S Hi-Isolation Amplified GPS Antenna Splitter

Item # HiALDCBS1X4-S


GPS NetworkingLDCBS1X2 GPS Passive Antenna Splitter

LDCBS1X2 GPS Passive Antenna Splitter 1X2

Item # LDCBS1X2


GPS NetworkingLDCBS1X4 GPS Passive Antenna Splitter

LDCBS1X4 Passive Antenna Splitter 1X4

Item # LDCBS1X4


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