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Our Projects — Commercial GPS, Military GPS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Commercial GPS/GNS, Military GPS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), LiDAR, Precise Positioning

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Here's a sample of the many types of projects we have contributed to

  • Targeting systems for testing and validation on test ranges

    Our job was to outfit ground-based vehicles with full attitude GNSS systems. By using a GNSS receiver with three antennas, we could accurately show the position, heading and full orientation of the target vehicle in static or dynamic mode.

  • Racecar tracking for video game

    Using LiDAR mapping and outfitting Formula 1 cars with GPS, NavtechGPS was able to send metrics to a video game console for a real time video game experience that put the gamer in the race car cockpit.

  • Large GPS re-radiation and direct cable-in systems

    Custom GPS/GNSS RF networking/DAS antenna systems installed in large R&D facilities, hangars, vehicle manufacturing facilities, high-rise buildings, public transportation facilities, parking garages, UAV manufacturing facilities and more.

  • Aerial mapping sensor

  • Harbor freight container placement and tracking

  • Geothermal well mapping for reporting to counties

  • Agriculture yield and monitoring systems integration

  • Antenna selection for train tracking

  • Train tracking systems

  • Visual tracking systems

  • Ocean going container vessel navigation and tracking

  • Bus tracking in urban environments

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