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Our Projects — Commercial GPS, Military GPS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Commercial GPS/GNS, Military GPS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), LiDAR, Precise Positioning

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Here's a sample of the many types of projects we have contributed to

  • Boomerang project with heading GPS

    The Boomerang is a state-of the-art shooter detection system developed by Raytheon BBN Technologies to precisely locate incoming small arms fire, primarily from snipers.

  • ScanEagle and Integrator UAVs, navigation and capture

    The Insitu Inc., ScanEagle™ is an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) used for reconnaissance.

  • Power utility asset mapping using GPS

  • Integrated GIS and mapping programs to create corn mazes for 10 different farms

  • Parking enforcement project with heading GPS

    Today, many municipalities across the United States and in Canada, employ the autoChalk™ digital chalking and license plate recognition (LPR) system developed by Tannery Creek Systems Inc. 

  • Parameter mapping and GIS for various government installations around the U.S.

  • Hunter UAV

  • Consultant for autonomous lawn mower competition

  • DARPA Grand Challenge course layout

    2018 finds driverless cars in various advanced testing stages—with multiple companies focused on bringing driverless cars to public roads. Much of that progress results from an innovative race that began in 2004, The DARPA Grand Challenge. 

  • Unmanned robotics systems for land mine detection

  • Targeting systems for testing and validation on test ranges

  • Tracking of race cars for video game

  • Large GPS re-rediation and direct cable-in systems

  • Aerial mapping sensor

  • Harbor freight container placement and tracking

  • Geothermal well mapping for reporting to counties

  • Agriculture yield and monitoring systems integration

  • Antenna selection for train tracking

  • Train tracking systems

  • Visual tracking systems

  • Ocean going container vessel navigation and tracking

  • Bus tracking in urban environments

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