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Targeting systems for testing and validation on test ranges

By Franck Boynton, VP and CTO

We were asked to help validate vehicle coordinates and orientation of ground-based targets in a test environment outdoors. INS was not to be used for vehicle orientation. The idea was to model ground-based targets that could change orientation after moving from one location to the other between missions. The tear system would use this information for validation after returning from a mission.

Our job was to outfit ground-based vehicles with full attitude GNSS systems. By using a GNSS receiver with three antennas, we could accurately show the position, heading and full orientation of the target vehicle in static or dynamic mode. GNSS receivers were placed on multiple vehicles in order to achieve desired data.

The purpose of this system was to replace the manual methods of laboriously measuring the targets every time they were moved. We were able to help automate their process, which saved many hours previously spent making manual measurements then translating them into systems. This not only saved considerable time, but also made the system much more accurate.

Artist concept of targeting vehicles in test area
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