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Power Utility Asset Mapping Using GPS

Power Utility Asset Mapping using GPS. NavtechGPS has helped several power line mapping companies significantly improve their asset mapping capabilities of existing GIS collection systems. The goal was to retro fit existing Geographic Information Systems with GPS/GNSS components to significantly increase mapping accuracy by collecting data points faster and with greater precision.

Because NavtechGPS is a distributor for most of the major GNSS manufacturers, such a NovAtel, Hemisphere GNSS, Septentrio and Trimble, we are able to recommend specific GPS receivers, antennas and components to expand the capabilities and enhance the accuracy our customers’ existing systems. Our equipment replaces existing systems outputting standard data messages, including NMEA 0183.

In one scenario, our customer was not using corrections, we added a GPS/GLONASS GNSS receiver to create a localized reference station, which increased precision from one meter to one centimeter.

If localized correction services were not feasible, we employed private space-based correction services, which resulted in 5 cm accuracy without being “tied” to a localized reference station.

Because our customer was not limited in range by a reference station, they were able to travel unlimited distances. The slight tradeoff in accuracy, was acceptable. This setup enabled our customer to quickly collect their data, thereby reducing the time the project took and the man hours needed to complete the task.

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