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Pinpointing GPS Jamming and Interference

NavtechGPS has helped its customers pinpoint GPS jamming sources that cause equipment problems, even when others could not.

On one particular occasion, our customer asked us to identify the external source of their GPS equipment interference. They noticed that every time their high accuracy GPS equipment neared a certain area on their property, it stopped working. Unable to solve the problem themselves, our customer hired us and two other outside experts to solve the mystery.

I used the CTL3520 Jammer Detector from Chronos Technology for this sort of thing. When I panned the Chronos CTL3520 handheld jammer detector in a semi-circle, I got a reading right away. I followed the signal, adjusting the attenuation as I drew nearer to the source, which pointed to a small whip antenna 200 feet away. When the amplifier attached to the antenna was powered down, the jamming source was gone.

It took NavtechGPS less than five minutes to solve the spurious transmission. Despite seemingly sophisticated and more expensive equipment, the other company was unable to find the source of the interference.

NavtechGPS always keep the CTL3520 Jammer Detector in our toolbox. These jammer detectors have proved invaluable in situations where we need to pinpoint GPS interference and jamming sources.
-- Franck Boynton, NavtechGPS CTO

Handheld GPS-GNSS Jammer Detector CTL3520
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