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ScanEagle and Integrator UAVs, navigation and capture

The Insitu Inc., ScanEagle™ is an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) used for reconnaissance. The Integrator™ UAS is similar to the ScanEagle™, but can carry out longer missions with larger payloads which can be easily integrated into the vehicle. While the ScanEagle™ project was still in its formative years, NavtechGPS was asked to find a suitable GPS receiver and antenna to guide the ScanEagle™ UAV during missions and, more importantly, for its capture. The UAV is a pusher prop and was to be recovered by flying it into a cable on a moving ship while the aircraft was also moving with different and sometimes opposite dynamics. After working with Insitu for several months to evaluate the various options we recommended to them, Insitu settled on our initial GPS receiver system recommendation.
Over time, NavtechGPS worked with the manufacturer of the GPS receiver system to enable the system to work in different environments, expanding the capabilities of the UAS for different mission types and areas of the world. The GPS receiver system NavtechGPS designed for the ScanEagle™ is still in use today.
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