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The lead time for Tallysman antennas varies; most can be shipped in 5 to 10 days. If you need something immediately, contact us so we can check stock availability.

Tallysman manufactures robust, high performance GNSS and Satcom antennas, RF Modules (Inline Amps, BiasTees) and intelligent GPS and multi-constellation GNSS smart antennas.

Tallysman broad range of precision housed and embedded GNSS antennas are used in many applications, including fleet management, autonomous systems, such as unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAV & UAS), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), and inertial navigation systems where low weight, size and power use are absolute requirements. 

Tallysman is known for its Accutenna® and VeraPhase® technology, and has introduced VeroStar™ and Helical antenna innovations. These technologies provide high performance antennas (low axial ratios, high multi-path signal rejection, tight PCV) in low size and weight, at economical price points.

In addition to an impressive line-up of antennas and accessory products, Tallysman now offers a three (3) year warranty for housed GNSS antennas and accessories (inline amplifiers, splitters, and bias tees) to ensure that its products are free from defects of materials or workmanship and conform to Tallysman specifications under normal use.

Take a look at Tallysman’s impressive line-up of quality antennas in the Tallysman Product Brochure , including their new helical antennas.  For an overview, download the Antenna Line Card.

For a quick guide to Tallysman’s antenna line for UAVs , download the Tallysman Lightweight Antennas guide.

For a quick guide to Tallysman’s line of aerodynamic antennas, download the Tallysman Aerodynamic Antennas guide.

For part number information and abbreviations, download the Tallysman Part Number Ordering Guide.

NavtechGPS sells the complete line of Tallysman Wireless GNSS products, including these:

  • GNSS antennas: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Globalstar, SBAS and L-Band antennas (OmniSTAR, DGPS, and brickwall antennas)
  • RF modules: Telematics, L-Band and GNSS inline signal amplifiers and splitters, and lightning arresters
  • GNSS receivers: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
  • GNSS accessories for tracking and timing applications: Telematics, GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Globalstar, SBAS) and L-Band (OmniSTAR, StarFire, DGPS) inline signal amplifiers, active and passive signal splitters, and lightning arresters.

Contact NavtechGPS about these commercial and precision / military grade GNSS antennas.

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HC600 Iridium Helical Antenna

Item # HC600

HC610E Active Iridium Helical Antenna

HC610E Embedded Active Iridium Helical Antenna

Item # HC610E


HC771 Single Band Helical Antenna

Item # HC771

HC771E Embedded Single-Band Helical Antenna

HC771E Single-Band Helical Antenna

Item # HC771E


HC843E Embedded Active Dual-Band GNSS + Passive Iridium Helical Antenna

HC843E Embedded Active Dual-Band GNSS + Passive Iridium Helical Antenna

Item # HC843E


HC871 Dual Band Helical Antenna

Item # HC871

HC871E Embedded Dual Band Helical Antenna

Item # HC871E


HC872 Dual Band Helical Antenna With L-Band

Item # HC872

HC872E Embedded Dual Band Helical Antenna + L band

HC872E Embedded Dual-Band Helical Antenna with L-band

Item # HC872E

HC882 Triple Band Helical Antenna With L-Band

Item # HC882

HC882E Embedded Dual-Band Helical Antenna + L-Band

HC882E Embedded Dual-Band Helical Antenna + L-Band

Item # HC882E

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